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Play-Offs 2014/15

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1 Play-Offs 2014/15 on Mon Feb 16 2015, 21:19

If we don't make the play-offs, and it's looking that way, this season should be regarded as a failure.

Whilst readily agreeing that SFC has made progress over the last few years, we seem to have stalled.

Yes, we have suffered long-term injuries to key players and, yes, other important players have moved on, but this happens in football. It can be no excuse.

Yes, we playing in a higher-standard league but, on our day, we can beat any team eg FCUM, Skelmersdale and Ilkeston. However, far too often, we've been inconsistent. To me, this suggests complacency and/or lack of motivation.

Yes, the club has, out of necessity and playing catch-up, spent considerable amounts of money, both on and off the pitch. But these improvements have been paid for, in the main, by two lucrative cup runs and sizeable grants received.

But we are a well-supported club. With us in 11th position and excluding our abnormally high gates against FCUM and Halesowen, there are currently six teams above us in the league  with average gates below ours. Also. our sponsorship income has seen a huge increase compared with 5 years ago. Against this, players' expenses have also shot up, suggesting that they are not-too-badly paid. Being not aware, of course, of other clubs' finances and with us quite rightly having a pay structure, SFC should still be one of the better-off clubs and thus able to attract good quality players who, just as important, show the right attitude.

It sticks in the craw to admit it but John Hill and his team at Halesowen are having, so far, a more successful season than we are. Likewise, Tividale and, particularly, Lye are both doing well, albeit in lower leagues but it seems that their management teams have a better knowledge of local players than do we.

I repeat, IF we don't make the play-offs, those responsible for OUR club should regard this season as a failure.

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