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Barwell away.

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1 Barwell away. on Wed Jan 27 2016, 01:03

90 minutes of my life that i can never recover.

What an abysmal performance,the polar opposite of last week at Salford.

Some of us had a bad feeling about the evening once we heard Justin Richards was out of the game due to injury and so it proved,Justin does add physicality to our forward line and without him the ball just didn't stick,we too "airy fairy" along the front line,Hawley did his best but Billingham,Dodd and Lait were absolutely dire and offered nothing on the evening.

The pitch was dreadful ( as usual at Barwell ) but we know this yet we fell into the same trap we usually fall into when we play here and we failed to adapt to conditions and in fairness to Barwell they used their home advantage well and really put us under the cosh in the second half.

Although the first half was not a "classic" and we didn't offer much threat we did look reasonably comfortable and a cracking strike by Sean gave us the lead but a dreadful error by Charlie Price gifted them an equaliser right on half time which we never recovered from.

They say the definition of madness is to carry on doing something you've consistently been failing at and this is what frustrated some of us tonight.

For 70 minutes our play had been creating almost nothing,the only time we looked like scoring was when Dan Scarr was up for set pieces so why on earth didn't the management throw caution to the wind and throw at least Scarr but possibly Pierpoint up front for the last 20 minutes alongside Hawley?

Tonight at 2-1 down we might as well have tried a brave move like this and gone 3-4-3 and lumped long ball up to our big guys rather than try to play through the middle on an awful pitch in terrible wind.

In discussion we agreed we'd rather lose 4-1 or 5-1 by going for it and throwing the "Hail Mary" into their box than suffer such a meek defeat.

I have said for months,and will continue to say,that until we pay out for a quality third striker to supplement Karl and Justin then we are likely to fall short again this season,we had nothing on the bench to change the game tonight,surely we have to learn these lessons and be better prepared as a club.

I think we're just about in the last chance saloon this season in terms of results like this,the lads have got to learn to raise their game in these sort of fixtures and not just in the "big games" such as last week at Salford because at the end of the day,Salford becomes a waste of time if you then turn in a performance like this one at Barwell.

Sean tweeted a message on his way home tonight…..hashtag embarrassing!

Refreshing to see a player come out and admit it so openly,i applaud him for it.

Come on boys,your so much better than tonight,please make this the last "dog" performance of the season.

Next two home matches are must win now.


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2 Re: Barwell away. on Wed Jan 27 2016, 11:07

Man of the match voting was:

SEAN GEDDES 15 votes

Stuart Pierpoint 4

Leon Broadhurst 2

Ashley Vincent
Dan Scarr.                            All 1 vote
Drew Canavan (unused sub)
Travelling Stourbridge fans

Winner of the wine was KEVIN BROADHURST

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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