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Barwell last night

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1 Barwell last night on Tue Sep 08 2015, 08:15

First of all, I blame our esteemed Chairman for daring to put in print our dreams of a 4th (not 3rd) temporary position if we had won last night - the proverbial ''kiss of death'' !!!

Joking apart, it started off so well with the what's getting to be the usual combination of Dodd, Hawley and Lait resulting in a goal. But we flattered to deceive in that our bogey team then proceeded to, at times, cut our defence to shreds and. let's be honest, Barwell could easily have been 3 or 4 goals up at half-time.

In defence, we were outmuscled by Christie in particular who, although portly, was very effective. Likewise, the midfield missed the tenacious Tonks and we looked very lightweight.

When Brown came on, giving much-needed support to Hawley, we showed much more fight and spirit but that wasn't enough against a typical Barwell side that was very fit, tough but not short of footballing ability.

Again impressed with our programme including features from last Saturday's game but what's happened to 'Around the Leagues' ?

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2 Re: Barwell last night on Tue Sep 08 2015, 08:30

Beaten by some pacy attackers,played well in fits and starts but could not match the tempo of the Buxton match,tiredness? Good to see a better bench last night,regular fans are not that happy about Kaylden can only play in the week but at the moment this arrangement is working.

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3 Re: Barwell last night on Tue Sep 08 2015, 10:57

Man of the match voting was as folows;

MATT DODD. 9 votes

Brian Smikle 8

Kayelden Brown 7

Chris Lait 3

Karl Hawley
Louis Harris
Drew Canavan. ] all 1 vote
Dan Scarr
Lewis Solly
Stuart Pierpoint

The wine was won by STEVE SIDAWAY.

Thanks to all who took part.

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4 Re: Barwell last night on Wed Sep 09 2015, 19:00

Shocking defensive display yet again.

A poor crowd as well,377 really doesn't justify the change of night for midweek matches.

It's also playing havoc with Jane's bin routine at home as she's so used to sticking them out after Stour's midweek matches

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5 Re: Barwell last night on Wed Sep 09 2015, 21:03

Bit bemused by the crowd comments. We only had five midweek attendances above 300 last season and that included cup games against Shildon and Kiddy - only three league games.

Last season's game against Barwell was also on a Tuesday night and the crowd was 292 - and that was in a pretty reasonable patch of form for us at the time.

We have played Rushall, Nantwich, Workington and Barwell so far at home, and the crowds have been way up on the same fixture last season.

I think obviously discounting the FC United game which won't reoccur, we will be looking at an increased average attendance?

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6 Re: Barwell last night on Thu Sep 10 2015, 01:09

At the start of the season and after two consecutive away wins a crowd of 377 is nothing to shout about SB.

If we were going to try something radical then why not a Thursday evening for matches.

Premier League use Monday nights on SKY,Thursday's are the only day of the week where top notch football isn't shown live,I don't count the Europa League!

I predict a return to Tues/We'd next season.

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7 Re: Barwell last night on Thu Sep 10 2015, 13:35

Sorry DA, but i'm with Stourboy on this one. 377 is a very good crowd given the opposition (and their lack of travelling support), coupled with our indifferent start to the season.

Yes there's Monday night football on Sky, but usually it's only one game which is just as likely to be Watford v Palace as anything worth stopping in for.

Tuesdays always have a plethora of games both on tv and local league/non-league games.

Monday's don't make it any easier for me, but I think it's a good move by the club.

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