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Welcome "home" Sean.

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1 Welcome "home" Sean. on Tue Dec 22 2015, 12:55

Fantastic news,great to have the midfield genius back!

I did tell you lot Father Christmas was real Wink

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2 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Wed Dec 23 2015, 11:20

Am I the only one to be a touch sceptical about this? Gary decided for whatever reason that Sean could go not much more than 12 months ago - what's changed? May be wrong, but don't think he has been in the Worcester team recently? And he's not a like for like replacement for Tonks, so we're going to have to change the way we play - nothing wrong with that but it may take time.

Hope I am wrong and he gets a hat-trick against the scummers

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3 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Wed Dec 23 2015, 18:32

PhilC wrote:Hope I am wrong and he gets a hat-trick against the scummers

A "Rabona" goal against those brummies on boxing day would be a really good way to mark his return Laughing

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4 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Wed Dec 23 2015, 20:22

Have to agree with PhilC about the signing. Appears he doesn't like sitting on the bench at Worcester and he wouldn't sit on our bench last season.

If we want promotion this to me is not the right signing. We needed a defensive midfielder who can break up play. We didnt have a player to do this at Blyth and thats one reason we lost. Harris just isn't match fit.

Certainly will have to go 4 5 1 for the signing to work so who misses out.

Surely we could have found a like for like replacement for Tom.

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5 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Thu Dec 24 2015, 00:59

Oops,middle aged moment!

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6 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Thu Dec 24 2015, 01:02

Devil's Advocate wrote:I'd like to dispel a few myths regarding Sean that seem to be springing up on here,particularly in regards to what Stoursi has had to say about the substitutes bench etc,etc.

I know exactly what the sequence of events was at Worcester City that lead to him not being around the first team for a stretch this season.

He got himself sent off a couple of times in fairly quick succession and i believe one of them cost him a four match ban,not big or clever but it happens,we know he's feisty but it gives him that "edge" that a lot of us enjoy watching and in recent years he's controlled it a lot better.

He came back from his ban and his next match was a less than average performance according to Alan his father in law and he then picked up a bad chest infection that laid him low for a while.

When he was fit and ready to resume playing Worcester started to sound the alarm bells in a financial sense so he wasn't played because of the appearance and goalscoring bonuses that were built into his Worcester contract,this happens at league and non league level,Sean became a victim of the bonuses within his contract,it suited Worcester to leave him out as they have had to find huge cuts to their weekly budget.

After all of this Worcester offered Sean a new contract on vastly reduced terms and with all of his bonuses cut out so he had a choice,he could take the new contract lasting 18 months,he could sit on his arse for the next six months drawing his juicy weekly contract ( but unable to play and earn bonuses ) or he could show some pride and make a move back to a club that wanted him and who he was desperate to play for again AND on a contract paying less money than the new degraded contract Worcester had offered him!

The truth is that Sean was so desperate to play football and play for Stour in particular that he was willing to take a cut in money,i for one respect that and hopefully other people will as well.

I was one of the most vociferous complainers about Sean leaving us last year and people know my thought's on it but to be honest Stoursi it's time to let that sleeping dog lie,lots was said about the goings on at the time but digging over it now is just plain wrong,i love to have my say and i said it,direct to those at the top at the time and to be honest i respect everyone's opinion on it,there was valid points made by both sides regardless of my personal feelings.

I wish Sean well,he and his family are very well regarded by many at Amblecote and it'll be great to see them all in regular attendance again.

Let's be totally honest here,we probably have the best attacking midfielder in the country at our level of football and one who proved he could do it at the level we hope to achieve,we should be delighted he's returned to us.

If Sean,Gary and the management team feel happy to be together again then who are we to question their commitment to one another.

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7 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Thu Dec 24 2015, 12:42

This would appear to be very good news - will be very interesting to see if he goes straight into the side on Saturday and if so, what his performance levels are like - as others have mentioned, there were periods of variation in this during his last spell here but would be brilliant if he could reach the heights that he did before.

Doesn't sound anything like when McCone came back which is pleasing. Hopefully a line has long been drawn underneath the stuff that went on when Sean left and that can be forgotten about.

One thing that might hit the fan now is us being the second best non-league club in the land for disciplinary... Very Happy

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8 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Fri Dec 25 2015, 17:29

Shocked when I found out about this, at Worcester's game on Tuesday!

good news I feel, never wanted him to go in the first place and felt it was a big loss footballing wise, whatever did or didn't take place at the time (and enough's been said on that), clearly for this to happen now he wanted to come back and the management wanted him back. Look forward to a few penaltys going in!

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9 Re: Welcome "home" Sean. on Sun Dec 27 2015, 23:43

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
I think our management team maybe..... She's my sister and I certainly am.

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