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1Grantham Town - Home Empty Grantham Town - Home on Sat Mar 25 2017, 23:22

Qualities that our team hardly ever lack are spirit and a never-give-up attitude. But sometimes these are not enough and we saw that again today when absences of skill and creativity were evident, particularly in the second half.

We all acknowledge just how badly hit we've been with never-ending injuries over the last few months. Leading up to Christmas, the team was picking itself with points being accumulated and we were all beginning to think of automatic promotion. However, based on recent performances, our current team is not good enough for the play-offs, let alone promotion. Grantham proved that today and were worthy winners, even though both of their goals came from poor defending. You could tell by their reaction at the final whistle that they haven't given up of making the play-offs themselves. How such an out-of-the-way town such as Grantham and a team with a low average gate and lacking our financial strength can even think of promotion beggars belief. But, best of luck to them.

Yet in the first half, after we'd got over giving away an early goal, another bit of Benbow class made most of us feel OK and I think we were all confident that further goals would inevitably come our way. But after conceding another poor, early goal in the second period, we lost our way and we didn't have it in us to raise our game.

So disappointing as, with Nantwich losing and Spennymoor only drawing, 3 points today would have made all of feel better.

But, unless we improve and quickly, I'm beginning to worry that our play-off place will be in jeapordy.

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2Grantham Town - Home Empty Re: Grantham Town - Home on Sun Mar 26 2017, 16:29

Man of the Match voting was as follows:


Luke Benbow 14

Tom Tonks 6

Leon Broadhurst } 4
Luke Rogers

Dan Preston 1

No-One deserving 2

MIKE AVERY won the wine.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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3Grantham Town - Home Empty Re: Grantham Town - Home on Mon Mar 27 2017, 16:08

A bit harsh with the 'out of the way' town comment. For a start where I live anywhere outside of zone 6 is seen, albeit unfairly, as so far out of the way as to need the Deliverance soundtrack. Workington, Blyth, Whitby for example are far more 'out of the way' than Grantham. In fact, being out of the way is usually a good thing for crowds as seen by Yeovil, Barrow, Boston and Kings Lynn.

I appreciate that in the last few years Stourbridge have had some fantastic Cup success that has raised your profile and crowds. It might be worth reminding you that Grantham have never had a seasonal average as low as the one you recorded about 10 years ago (143). We shared 13 seasons together in the BHM and I always enjoyed visits to Amblecote as it had a slight resemblance to our old London Road ground, but attendances in those 13 years rarely reached much above 200. Fortunes fluctuate in football. I remember when Grantham reached the first round 11 seasons out of 13 and made national headlines with their 3rd round game against Middlesbrough, crowds were around 1,500 and teams like the ones we share a league with now were simply not on our radar. A lot can change quickly in football.

It might also be worth noting that this out of the way town (which is a main stop on one of the nations busiest main lines from North to South) has much ancient history from the Romans to Cromwell, played a significant roll in WW2 (which saw it as one of the most heavily bombed places per capita in the country). Love her or loath her (the latter for me) it produced the first female PM in this country and one of the World's most celebrated and revered Scientists!

Just saying!

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4Grantham Town - Home Empty Grantham to3wn on Tue Mar 28 2017, 14:36

As a Grantham town supporter who came to Saturdays game , I have read the comments on your site and disappointed that only a few acknowledge the excellent performance GRANTHAM gave to trounceyou for the third timethis season. A team in this hard league who only loses one game in 25 and that was a complete travasty MUST be doing something right so to say we are average is a bit curlish! I am sure most of your genuine supporters would love to have most of our youngsters and our proud record Sadly we may not make thesing late vital points in the last mintues/injury time early season but a new goalkeeper who has been excellent corrected that situation. Yes our gates are woeful for atown of granthems size consequently our budget is probably only about one third of Stourbridge and many other teams allowing us to have only a squad of only 15 available players!. We don't have players like yourself who appear to there for the money since ours want to play for the club and are eager to learn and improve guided . by an excellent management team and coach ensuring our fitness levels are probably the best in the league. and that is why on Sat you hardly created a chance all second half! there is little doubt most playoff teams will hoping our playoff errors do not materialise. Thank you.

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5Grantham Town - Home Empty Re: Grantham Town - Home on Wed Mar 29 2017, 12:53

Pogel wrote:We don't have players like yourself who appear to there for the money

I hope you've got evidence to back up that completely and utterly ridiculous statement Mad

"Only loses one game in 25", since beating us at home back in February you went on to play 6 games where you drew 5 and lost 1, so those results could make the rest of the season totally irrelevant by the end of it.

You may have beaten us 3 times this season but so what?, we're still in a play-off position and your not Laughing lol! lol! lol!

And at least on Saturday you didn't need to bring any binoculars to see the pitch.

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6Grantham Town - Home Empty Re: Grantham Town - Home on Wed Mar 29 2017, 14:36

My good friend surely one of your own contributors made the same statement that some of your players were only there for the fiscal rewards. As for our record of 1 defeat in 25 games our results stand for themselves for all to see and that defeat was at mickleover Yes we have had some draws but the fact shows we remain unbeaten since late October! INCLUDING BEATING YOUR beloved STOURBRIGE 0n 3 occasions ,twice at your place and in the process scoring 8 goals to your 3! Yes we are not in the playoffs but the season is NOT over yet and even you would surely acknowledge what a brilliant achievement it would be should GRANTHAM achieve this ambition .

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7Grantham Town - Home Empty Re: Grantham Town - Home on Wed Mar 29 2017, 22:46

Pogel wrote: but the fact shows we remain unbeaten since late October!

You make the above statement yet at the same time you mention that you've lost one game away at Mickleover, which means that you are not unbeaten since late October at all.

Plus if you're supposed to be unbeaten since late October, how come you lost 2 league games in November!

Blimey! talk about contradicting yourself scratch scratch scratch

May I suggest that you get your facts right BEFORE posting in future Razz

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8Grantham Town - Home Empty Re: Grantham Town - Home on Thu Mar 30 2017, 19:14

Yes you are correct for which I accept my error it should have been NOVEBER and not OCTOBER,but still a excellent achievement which your team cannot counter ! However it is sad that you make no mention of the fact that our low cost youngsters have now totally out played you on 3 occasions. Likewise we have a cup semi final coming up courtesy of your demise ! It would be nice if both clubs could make the playoffs so we can take you apart yet again !!

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9Grantham Town - Home Empty Grantham Town - Home on Fri Mar 31 2017, 08:28

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to our Forum.

My comments were not meant to be disrespectful towards either your town or football club. Indeed, if you read more closely, they were complimentary to your club.

Best wishes to both of you and also to Grantham Town F.C.

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10Grantham Town - Home Empty Re: Grantham Town - Home on Fri Mar 31 2017, 20:00

I thank you for your kind comments it is nice to chat on other forums and to enjoy the banter! For our young low cost squad it has been a tremendous season and apart from BLYTH surely GRANTHAM have been the team of the season NOT forgoing your own FACUP success Iwish you all the BEST and thanks you again for your remarks POGELL

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