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Oxford City

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1 Oxford City on Sun Jun 02 2013, 11:46

I hate to be the one to say "it'll all end in tears" but....

Florida finance 'guru' Thomas Guerrero is aiming to take Oxford City to the Football League as their new president, and aims for promotion from the Conference North next season. He is hoping this will be "one of the biggest impact stories of all time in English football".

Their new website has been launched at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and there is already a Tickets page and an online store where you can buy a replica shirt for $100, or perhaps framed for between $250 and $500, though at least the shipping is free.

One of the headline photos on the new website describes Oxford City: the global brand. Their new 'global headquarters' are Deerfield Beach, South Florida.

Agreement has already been reached to do a name change to Oxford City Football Club Inc, and move forward with a symbol change. According to the website, this will "maximize the club's earning potential globally".

Strange, I thought they were a reasonably well supported non-league side, or am I wrong? I didn't think non-league clubs at this level had global 'brands', but maybe I am living in the past.

What a shame he didn't pick us, eh?

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2 Re: Oxford City on Sun Jun 02 2013, 11:55


I don't for 1 minute think our board would be stupid enough! I give it 3 years before we see AFC Oxford City.

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3 Re: Oxford City on Sun Jun 02 2013, 11:56

Their website is well worth a visit whilst it lasts. Apparently until yesterday you could sponsor a match for $10,000 but that has now been removed.

If you want to become an 'affliate academy' of the club, you can do. The club website urges independent international football academies to "capitalize on the rich history, tradition and worldwide brand equity of Oxford City FC to further differentiate from the competition, build market share and increase brand loyalty".

Players can also sign up for the Oxford City sports college for a $250 application fee, $12,000 a year tuition and $12,000 a year accommodation. This is all on their new website!

Incredible. How long will this one last, then?

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4 Re: Oxford City on Sun Jun 02 2013, 12:05


I know, seen it already. Its embarrassing. I feel sorry for Oxford, because they are a really nice club. Why couldn't this happen to our friends down in Leamington?!

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5 Re: Oxford City on Sun Jun 02 2013, 12:58

Now i remember 1 of the reasons i stopped following Villa avidly, coupled with the appointement of a former manager.

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6 Re: Oxford City on Sat Jun 22 2013, 20:47

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Now there are plans for a global tour to meet corporate partners & sponsors and to spread the Oxford City brand globally. There are trips to Stockholm, Sydney, Los Angeles and of course Oxford.

"Where will it all end?"

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7 Re: Oxford City on Mon Jun 24 2013, 14:44

Fair play to them, that tour looks very dope. Id fancy all the locations except LA

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