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Salford City Away

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1 Salford City Away on Tue Jan 19 2016, 19:09

Could not make this game as the coach was already full unfortunately, but all the best to everyone that have gone. Luckily this game is live via the internet on Non League Live Radio at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Show starts at 7:30PM, K.O 7:45PM. It should be a good game and it is definitely ON!!!

So COYG cheers

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2 Re: Salford City Away on Tue Jan 19 2016, 22:06

FT - 1-0 to Stour cheers

An excellent performance by the whole team, even if they were helped by Salford being reduced to 10 men. My only complaint would be about the quality of the radio broadcast, which was completely shocking and made most of the game impossible to listen to.

Certainly not up to Black Country Radio's standard at all scratch

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3 Re: Salford City Away on Wed Jan 20 2016, 01:15

An absolutely superb night out with Baz and Neil.

The best away performance io personally have witnessed since we won at Chesham on the last day of the Southern League season a couple of years ago,the whole team played well,not a weak link in site.

Brian's competition forced me to name a man of the match and i went for Justin Richards but it could equally have gone to Leon or many others,it was an immense performance.

I got fed up of hearing the bitching from Salford's newly acquired supporters about the sending off,Charlie had collected the ball a couple of seconds before Hulme steamed into him,it was a strong piece of refereeing by a ref who had a great game.

Salford had pace and some quality and defended extremely well and it's obvious why they are favourites for the league but we are every bit as good as them.

To be honest i was embarrassed for Salford tonight,the ridiculous "celeb culture" they now foster,the following around of every man and his dog by the numerous cameras etc was absolutely cringeworthy,i don't think their kit man could take a dump without some knob with a camera following him into their portacabin loo,it really is just ridiculous.

The attitude of some of their officials,the manager and some fans was also an embarrassment,at times it became ridiculously confrontational with even their gateman looking for verbals with one of our fan's at half time and the manager wanting to get involved with verbals at full time……..get a grip boys……you are Salford,you are playing in division 7 and your changing room is a shipping container…..GET A LIFE!

I was sad to see old Eric take a fall at the end of the game and hope he recovered quickly from his nasty fall,perhaps instead of playing "Celebrity Football" and having a camera stuck in every orofice you could actually invest some of your multi millionaire owners money into providing safe standing and walking areas and lighting the off pitch areas properly.

Too much hype and bullshit going on there in my opinion.

Salford were well beaten by a very good Stourbridge side who showed their class both on and off the pitch tonight,well done lads,it was a brill night out for us travellers.

Make no mistake,you Stour boys can still win this league,you just need to go into EVERY match with the attitude shown tonight and not switch off against the lower to mid table teams.

I think we need one more signing,a quality striker to back up our excellent front pair,find him and i think we'll go up.

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4 Re: Salford City Away on Wed Jan 20 2016, 08:40

Another great away day,nice to see a healthy away following at a place not easy to get to,cheers again for the lift DA,before the match had a walk around the ground,what a dump! I am sure in the light it does not look any better! I or we have found a worse bunch of supporters than Hednesford and that takes some beating,as for the match great effort by the lads,we grew into the match and held our own against some good players,more than likely Salford will get promoted this season or next but its the manner in which you win it which people will remember.

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5 Re: Salford City Away on Wed Jan 20 2016, 11:27

A great game between two good teams and an excellent all round performance from the team. It was very difficult to pick out an individual man of the match as everyone performed well and contributed to the win. Agree with DA , the game needed a strong ref and I thought he had a good game ( though I thought it was a penalty right on half time when lait was brought down Very Happy )

The Man of the Match votes were,


Justin Richards 6

Leon Broadhurst { 3 each
Dan Scarr

Sean Geddes
Junior Smikle { 1 each
Matt Dodd

Winner of the wine was TONY CUFF

Thanks to all who took part.

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6 Re: Salford City Away on Wed Jan 20 2016, 19:39

Looking at the Salford forum, some of their fans thought a section of our fans were out of order at the match. Didn't witness anything like that to be honest. Heard far worse from other fans at other clubs. And they fail to mention their goalie calling out one of our faithful at the end. Very professional attitude from an apparently high profile team!
Lots say quite rightly we were the better team and we were! Looking forward to the home game against them now.

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7 Re: Salford City Away on Wed Jan 20 2016, 20:48

Had a look on their forum and to be fair some said it was definitely a red card,there was a bit of banter at the end,nothing nasty but the reaction of a few of their players and goalkeeping coach was well comical.

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