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Team formation.

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1 Team formation. on Thu Oct 16 2014, 23:39

Stourbridge81 brought up the subject of team formation with the two new signings plus Benbow to come back and Hales no longer cup tied.

I was all for trying three at the back,i don't think it's working this season though,the space behind the wing backs is too easily exploited,even coaches at Premier League level have been explaining just how tough it is to get a back three that works properly.

I can concur with this,in the last few years of my Kiddie Sunday League days i was a right back and i dreaded the manager's occasional dalliance with a back three,my lack of pace was a hindrance but even if i'd been 15 years younger it was a hell of a task if your wing backs switched off even for a second,i hated it,i'd guess that our centre half combo probably do too.

BUT,big BUT,i can't see out coaching team changing it and in that scenario i'd replace KRD with McCone in the centre and keep Richards and Knight either side of him.

Andre has great energy and spirit,i think he deserves a run at wing back as i think he'll do the hard yards to cover his side of the pitch,Leon also does the graft and still has a good left foot and a good footballing brain so he'd be my other wing back as he's more reliable than Haynes.

Centre mid would have to have Louis Harris in there to win the ball but with Geddes gone we have no playmaker apart from Billingham but i'm not convinced a central role suit's Ben but he may have to go in there in the short term if Brown is to continue to play out wide.

That leaves two starting spots and one of those has to go to a fit Benbow but we don't want him wasted out on the wing so if he pays as a proper number 9 then where the hell does Berwick play because he sure ain't a wide right man,that position will probably go to Till but he's yet to impress.

That leaves the side looking like,


                       Knight                       McCone                Richards

 Francis                                                                                         Broadhurst

                                 Harris                               Billingham

        Till                                                                                Brown


Personally i'd prefer to revert to a solid back four with a team consisting of,


 Francis                McCone                                    Richards             A new left back



    Till                                                                                      Billingham

                           Berwick                             Benbow

I like Tommy Berwick as a player,i've always rated him when he's played against us but my worry is that Benbow never seems to link well with a specific strike partner so playing with a front two may just not work.

I'm sure everyone will pick a different team to those i've chosen above but it's an interesting debate.

Personally i think we still lack two quality full backs,a midfield dynamo playmaker and a big,strong,quick wide player rather than the little types we tend to go for.

I'll enjoy seeing the varied opinions.

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2 Re: Team formation. on Fri Oct 17 2014, 09:29

My personal pick:
Francis Broadhurst McCone Knight
Haynes Fitzpatrick Harris Billingham
2 from Berwick/Benbow/Hales (injuries dependent etc)

What I think we may play on Saturday: (makes some assumptions on return from injury)

McCone Richards Broadhurst Knight
Haynes Canavan Harris Billingham
Berwick Benbow

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3 Re: Team formation. on Fri Oct 17 2014, 09:36


Is Luke actually back Saturday?

When everyone is fit;






As a 4-4-2 Diamond

That then leaves Will, Haynes, Browny, Drew all on the bench. Which then becomes very strong.

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