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Totton-The real stuff is back.

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51 Re: Totton-The real stuff is back. on Sat Aug 17 2013, 21:52

TRM wrote:That's obviously not how we're lining up - Francis at CB for example? From that XI my guess would be:





Drake could play at LB but wouldn't be my choice. No Jamie?
It has just occurred to me that Jamie is suspended, of course, after his red card in the WSC final. Surprised that I've not been picked up on that! Very Happy Embarassed

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52 Re: Totton-The real stuff is back. on Sat Aug 17 2013, 22:14


Only downer on a great day was the coach. Utterly awful! It was an okay performance. We never really got out of 2nd, because we didn't need to. You could see the difference in class, having said that, Totton didn't look like a team that will finish rock bottom. It was ironically that once we started to get on top that we conceded, Eze miss judged the bounce & their striker finished well. Thought Eze played quite well and Nathan was faultless. The first penalty saw Nathan bundled over, it probably was, but I thought it was soft. The second was when Jord brought a foul, I didn't think it was at the time, and on the coach back Sean said he didn't think it was either. The third was a definite foul on Rowey, and tbh, he probably should have gone. After that the ref seemed scared to give us anything. Thought in the first half Ben played very well, when he wants to be, he is a class above, however once we were 4-1 up, they all became slightly narrow minded & it was never going to work. Great to see Luke have the number 9. He is out number 9 now, afterall, Rowey is here on loan. There was nothing in particular to say that they would click. But more importantly there was nothing to say that they wouldnt click. Rowey had a few touches that you remembered why he did leave, but he'll get better, all they need is a goal and they'll be good to go. Great numbers from Stour there, weather wasn't that bad and United won 4-1! United top, Stour top, happy days!

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53 Re: Totton-The real stuff is back. on Sun Aug 18 2013, 12:23

Good day out and good result,thought we played some nice football against a young Totton side,exept the number 15! Was just like Rowey had not been away,he was always a danger and had 2 men on him in a flash! Everyone contributed to a solid display exept a couple of mistakes! Look forward to keeping the momentum going tuesday,hopefully!!!

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54 Re: Totton-The real stuff is back. on Sun Aug 18 2013, 13:35

Difficult to judge how well we will do on this performance, as Jack has said ,we never got out of 2nd gear. We did enough to win and with Totton getting everyone behind the ball 2nd half we found it hard to create space. Credit to Tottons youngers ( + Grandad who came on as sub) they never gave up and tried to play football. Thought Ben looked like he lacked match fitness and I am not a fan of Wurzel as left back, would much prefer to see him on the wing. Also not sure about Eze at centre half thought he got caught in possession too easily, though as said we were playing in second gear so perhaps unfair to judge on that performance.

Sean Geddes won the man of the match with 12 votes, Leon received 7 , Nathan 2 and Henry , Wurzel & Jordan 1 each.
Scoop won the wine.
Thanks to all who took part.

(Jack, I will create a MotM thread, could you sticky it please.)

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55 Re: Totton-The real stuff is back. on Sun Aug 18 2013, 15:49

Interestingly, today's NLP describes the third penalty as "generous" yet I'd have said that was the most stonewall of the three.

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56 Re: Totton-The real stuff is back. on Sun Aug 18 2013, 16:43


I thought it was the most stonewall as well!

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57 Re: Totton-The real stuff is back. on Mon Aug 19 2013, 09:24

3 points versus a poor team, i will give Totton credit. They gave it their best and for a young team, it must be difficult to come up against a solid well organised team like we are. We never really got out of 2nd gear, but saying that we never needed to. I personally thought all 3 were penalties. The 3rd being the most clear cut. If the ref had given them the 3 penalties we had, then i personally wouldnt of felt aggrieved. A solid work man like performance, good to get the 3points on board. It was the sort of game that had a pre-season feel to it.
Not sure on Eze at centre half. Geds with a hatrick of penalties probably gets the limelight, but hes allround display i thought waranteed the man of the match vote.

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