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Most overrated games...?

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1 Most overrated games...? on Tue Jan 02 2018, 07:40


I consider myself to be kind of a “backwards gamer”: Instead of always playing the hottest, freshest, newest games around, I usually wait two or three years (sometimes even longer) until the hype has died (and the games become considerably cheaper) before I play them. In doing so, I often think to myself how absolutely overrated some games are even decades after their initial release. So just to satisfy my own curiosity in regards to this topic, I would like to tell you about my Top-10 most overrated Games I ever played and know your opinions on this. (Please note: I am almost pure PC and a little bit of a Retro-Gamer, mostly SNES and Gameboy that is. So, since I have barely any interest in modern console gaming, the following list is about PC and SNES Games only).

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