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Ins and outs

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1Ins and outs Empty Ins and outs on Sun Jun 11 2017, 21:49

Well it has sure been a busy time at Stour just lately, and it would be very easy to get too despondent, but let's take a longer view.
Following the high profile Wycombe game the departure of Dan to BCFC was no surprise and lets face it we were all happy for the lad. Just desserts and all that. And he is still a regular visitor/supporter along with his dad at Stour games....
Then a few days later, at the Mickleover away game, came rumours that Solihull were making an offer to Kristian Green. Again no surprise but this time I kinda hoped he might stay. He didn't, but the best of luck to the lad....onwards and upwards and all that.
So we get to the end of the season and regrettably the team was found wanting, promotion eluded us. Then what happens......Chris Lait is approached by Solihull and accepts, followed pretty quickly by, of all people, Luke Benbow. This is a surprise because Lait has been injured for weeks and Benbow tried to step up two years ago and couldn't make it at Hednesford. That's the same Hednesford that Dodd now thinks is a great move...oh and Tom Tonks is still, apparently, considering at move to....bloody Solihull again, but why wait Tom ? Could it be that he is trying to work out how to obliterate his "I love Stour" tattoo?
I was critical of making him captain last season and once again he is dithering. Great player but not a captain in my book. (Ok I'm in a minority of one...but he looked lost at times, hands on hips not really knowing what was going on around him,....imho).
I am now starting to sound rather bitter...and why ? I thought all these players loved Stour and were "gutted" to miss out on promotion.
But, the players who were not good enough to get our beloved Stour promoted last season now think that they are good enough to step up one or even two steps. ...Really ?
On the bright side it was great to see Matt Gould sign up early for next season and the recent news of those who have agreed terms for next season gives cause for optimism. Add to this the fact that Gary seems to have made a few good signings and there is really only one question. Who is going to help Jordan ? Lots of tasty defenders....Westlake is particularly good news. I wait with baited breath for news of another quality striker.
When I started following Stour a few years ago it was a real breath of fresh air after all the antics of Premiership players, Sky TV and so on. Saido who ? Here was a bunch of players who actually cared for their fans.....yeah right !
Ok I agree Leon does, and undoubtedly several others do too. I was sorry to see Birch go.Had a chat to him in the club after the Workington play off game, what a nice bloke who deserved a regular place I felt.
Ok rant over....still cannot wait for the start of the new season. Really miss my Saturdays watching and shouting for Stour. Will certainly take up a season ticket and live in hopes of another memorable season to come, cos after all....Stour Aye We !.....unlike some players.....oh sod it I'm off again......!!!!

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2Ins and outs Empty Re: Ins and outs on Mon Jun 12 2017, 23:06

No complaints n any player moving to a club two divisions higher up frankly.

But what Doddy thinks he'll achieve at Hednesford that he couldn't have at Stour escapes me. More grass on the pitch at Sutton Coldfield than there is at Hednesford!

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3Ins and outs Empty Re: Ins and outs on Sat Jun 17 2017, 07:26

Final question now answered and in some style. The return of Ryan Rowe & Jordan Murphy is real good news. The team now looks to have potentially a great spline...Gould...Duggan...Archer/Rowe/Murphy.
All these new signings means that competition for the fringe places will be fierce, which is a good thing. The likes of Gould Duggan (assuming he is fully fit) Westlake etc will probably always be first on the team sheet, but a club where competition drives enthusiasm can only be a good club, and we all know Stour are more than a good club....cos Stour aye we !!!!

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4Ins and outs Empty Ins and Outs on Tue Jun 20 2017, 13:03

Watching from afar, agree with you 'Old Codger' that it was concerning to see so many from a successful season move on, especially Lait - thought he was a cracking player.
However, feeling inspired by the new signings. With the strong left and right sided defensive/midfield signings, wondering if Sir Gary is thinking of using a back 5.
Either way, I'm hopeful to get to a few games next season.
Always a blast!

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5Ins and outs Empty Re: Ins and outs on Wed Jun 21 2017, 23:35

The re-signing of Ryan Rowe is excellent news, but to me even better news was that Archer had decided to stay as he was brilliant last season.

With the players that we have signed I see no reason why we can't have another good season, especially as the only 2 teams that were really better than us last season Blyth & Spennymoor both got promoted.

Cannot wait for the new season to start, as my duck is getting bored lol! . And really looking forward to the pre-season friendlies, especially the one a home to Blues U23 and the one away at Hereford which is a ground I've not been to for years.

COYG... cheers

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6Ins and outs Empty Re: Ins and outs on Thu Jul 13 2017, 11:11

Good to see that Paul McCone has re-signed for us again, but not being funny I just hope his stay this time is a long one Smile

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