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Workington - Play-off semi - Home

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1 Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Tue Apr 25 2017, 09:56

What a night !!! Yet another in an ever-lengthening list of occasions to remember at the WMG ! I've not seen such an entertaining, end-to-end match for ages, made better of course that we won and are in the play-off final !

Full credit to a very good, skilful and dangerous Workington team that never gave up and were always in the game. In fact, in my humble opinion, they're the best side I've seen at Amblecote this season. It therefore speaks volumes for the character of all of our players that we, and not they, are just one step away from promotion.

For most of the night, our defence was solid with Dan, although out of position, a rock.

In midfield, Leon was, well, Leon and Captain Tom seemed to grow stronger and be everywhere as the game went on.

Up front, Luke was hardworking and always a threat. My MOTM was Jordan who fully deserved to score the winning goal to cap an impressive all-round display.

We are now so close and if we play on Saturday like we've played the last few games, and with our extra day of ''rest'', we stand a very good chance of winning, whoever the opposition (hopefully Nantwich !).

Well done to the players, Gary and his management team and also to the crowd who played their part on such a night to remember and to say, in future years, ''I was there''.

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2 Re: Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Tue Apr 25 2017, 13:18

Man of the match voting was as follows:


Stuart Pierpoint. 12

Jordan Archer 6

Leon Broadhurst 5

Matt Gould. 3

Luke Benbow
Darryl Westlake } 2
Kennedy Digie

1 vote to come

ANDY HILL won the wine.

Thanks to everyone who took part

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3 Re: Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Tue Apr 25 2017, 13:43

I personally hope I never have to watch another game like the one last night, as my nerves are shattered.

It was a brilliant performance from both teams, and to be fair to Workington they certainly made us work hard for the win.

1st half I thought that we were the better side and just about deserved to go in ahead at half time, but as there weren't many chances during those 45 mins I doubt if anyone expected what was to follow in the 2nd half. Workington came out a much stronger team and deservedly got back into the game, before we took the lead again. Then just as we all thought we could start celebrating victory, a big error in defence gifted Workington a corner that led to their equaliser in stoppage time.

Luckily for us we managed to get ahead again in extra time, and then held on until the final whistle.

I am very pleased that we are in the final on Saturday, but the last 2 matches have proved that it certainly won't be an easy game whoever we end up playing.

The only downside to the night was a very small minority of Stour fans (kids mostly I think!), who it's claimed were throwing objects over the fence at the away fans. And that is something that no club needs, although I do believe one so-called supporter was ejected from the ground for doing it.

Congratulations to all the players & management, and may our good luck continue on Saturday.

Regardless of whether we are home or away, I will certainly be there.

COYG cheers cheers cheers

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4 Re: Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Tue Apr 25 2017, 17:41

As everyone has said, last night was a night to remember especially coming so quick after the Nantwich game last Saturday. I thought Saturday's game took some beating for entertainment and outcome so how the guys found the vim and vigor to do it all again so soon was frankly amazing. Won't pull out any player in particular as I thought everyone contributed massively and it was a great team effort. So the saga continues and by 10pm we will all know where we will be heading next weekend. These players have overcome an injury list nightmare, new guys have had to get up to speed very quickly so it is a measure of our quality that we are on the brink of something truely memorable. What a great season & The Fat Lady ain't started singing yet !!

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5 Re: Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Tue Apr 25 2017, 20:28

Frantic, pulsating, engrossing, just a few words to describe last night, The last two games are certainly up there with the 4-3 win over Leamington, six years ago.

I half expected extra time before the game, and fully expected a tough game against Workington's strongest side, despite the ridiculous schedule of traveling from Cumberland at 48 hours notice. I notice the Southern league semis are set for Wednesday and the Isthmian for Thursday, which makes more sense, and it was unfortunate that Workington had to travel one of the longest distances to a team that plays on a Monday night, there should have been more planning by the league.

A very cagey first half hour as was to be expected after Pierpoint's excellent header felt we where in control up to half time, but also that we'd been here before 1-0 up in a play off thanks to a centre half goal, the word "Gosport" was ringing loudly in the ears. They certainly upped it in the second half, great save for the first effort before the offside goal was bundled in, though Gould was pretty shaky most of the evening I thought but the defence in front of him was outstanding, and Tonks and Broadhurst must have covered every blade of grass. The second great free kick in successive games from the opposition and when Benbow scored it was against the run of play and it was certainly meant as a cross for Archer I think who did enough to confuse the keeper.

The late equaliser was a kick in the nether regions to say the least, needlessly conceded corner and I didn't fancy us for the extra 30 minutes but we regrouped and looked the stronger again, brilliant finish from Archer who was excellent all evening and got the man of the match from me just ahead of Pierpoint, some of the headers after that goal showed we where in no mood to allow a 3rd equaliser, although I would hardly say I felt comfortable, and was as mentally exhausted as the players where physically, I actually didn't hear the final whistle and hands on knees and deep breaths was about all I could summon by that point when I realised!

Both teams where excellent and shame there had to be a loser, at least we get to do it all again Saturday!

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6 Re: Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Wed Apr 26 2017, 11:24

Old Codger wrote:& The Fat Lady ain't started singing yet !!

No!, I've warned Dave that if he starts singing before the final whistle on Saturday I'll stick a rocket under his wheelchair Laughing

And having listened to the 2nd semi last night I can honestly say I was not impressed with either team, and that the scoreline of 2-0 flattered Spennymoor a lot.  The only reason they won was because they managed to score, and not because they were the better team.

I know it's a long journey up there, but as it's on a Saturday I hope we can take as much support as possible.  It's no good the club just saying that a supporters coach will run if required, they've got to attract the supporters instead.  Even if they have only got 2 days in which to do it.

Cannot understand why the play-offs have to be played so quickly personally, but Saturday will be here soon enough.  COYG cheers

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7 Re: Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Thu Apr 27 2017, 23:25

sirsmileriiii wrote:
 The only reason they won was because they managed to score, and not because they were the better team.

In fairness, that's all that matters.

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8 Re: Workington - Play-off semi - Home on Thu Apr 27 2017, 23:26

sirsmileriiii wrote:

Cannot understand why the play-offs have to be played so quickly personally, but Saturday will be here soon enough.  COYG cheers

Hardly a novelty. It's been like this every year since they were introduced.

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