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1Mickleover Sports - Home Empty Mickleover Sports - Home on Sat Mar 11 2017, 19:03

On a day when most of our play-off rivals won, we were brought down to earth by a workmanlike side who achieved their aim of frustrating us.

That bit of spark was missing but we must not forget just how many key players we are missing. It was good to see Matt D return but he understandably looked rusty. Similarly, Drew, who came on in his place, has not played too much match time lately.

Can only recall Matt having to make one good save, in the first half, and our defence, even after the injury suffered to Richard, never had many problems.

In midfield, the drive and energy of Brad was sorely missed.

Ethan looked dangerous at times and was unlucky in the first period to have a solo effort cleared off the line.

It was only in the last ten minutes or so that we upped the pressure which saw several efforts go wide or straight to their impressive keeper.

Summarising, on a day when we were expected to win, we were below our best but at least we gained one point. At times, all teams suffer injuries but we seem to be suffering more than our fair share, particularly central defenders !

Up front, we must keep our fingers crossed that Luke B and Jordan stay fit because we are looking thin without today's unavailable Luke R and the injured Kayelden, Brandon and Chris Lait and the long-term absentee, Justin.

All in all, today was a day when most of us felt disheartened none more so than Tom, who stood forlornly on his own at the end of the game.

Roll on next Saturday !!1

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2Mickleover Sports - Home Empty Re: Mickleover Sports - Home on Sat Mar 11 2017, 21:16

What a contrast to last Saturday! although did feel we would struggle today as we where expected to win this one. A completely forgettable 90 minutes with Mickleover set out for a draw and getting it, apart from a couple of chances in the first half (felt Jones could have got his shot off earlier) the main action came at the end, thought the header was flying in. The ball was in the air even more than at Halesowen, meat and drink to the big number 5.

A clean sheet and one point better than none, apart from that move on nothing to see here! player unavailability is clearly having an effect and considering that and how poor we've been at various junctures of the last 5 games, i'm delighted with 13 points out of 15. Of course you always want more (beat halesowen away in front of 2000 but plenty of criticism about the performance!), let's hope there isn't any game as poor as this for the remainder of the season.

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3Mickleover Sports - Home Empty Re: Mickleover Sports - Home on Sat Mar 11 2017, 21:59

It would be too easy to complain about today's game. Yes there were players out missing, yes Mickleover seemed to come for, and deserved, a point, yes Matt a bit off the pace but hey he has been out for a few games so a bit rusty. Etc etc etc...
But where were we ...the crowd, the fans ?
We never really got going ourselves, even the Shed seemed strangely subdued. I thought at one stage I had come to a cricket match ! Polite applause after a bright bit of play, no real noise to encourage the boys.....or did our visitors also set out to keep us quiet ? If they did then they sure succeeded.
We day win but we Day loose. Seen better games, seen us play better and loose.
The promo push is still on...cos after all....stour aye we !!

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4Mickleover Sports - Home Empty Re: Mickleover Sports - Home on Sat Mar 11 2017, 22:51

As everyone has said Mickleover arrived with only one thing in mind, and that was to get a draw.  They obviously knew that they didn't stand much chance of winning unless we had a bad game, so they simply did their best to stop us doing anything useful at all cost.  They did that very successfully which made the game very boring.

And to be quite honest it is difficult for even the most hardened of Stour fans to either get excited or make much noise when your watching such a game.  Mickleovers game plan and performance just shows why they're in 16th place, but they still managed to frustrate us so I'm sure they will go away happy.  At least we didn't concede any goals, and a clean sheet was about the only positive thing from the game unfortunately.

All we can do is put this game behind us and concentrate on our next one at Workington, which I am looking forward to going to.

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5Mickleover Sports - Home Empty Re: Mickleover Sports - Home on Sun Mar 12 2017, 16:03

Man of the Match voting was as follows:


Dan Preston
Ethan Jones } 11

Darryl Westlake 6

Jordan Archer
Tom Tonks } 2

Luke Benbow 1

No-One 1

1 vote outstanding

IAN BINNER won the wine

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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