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Grantham - Away

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1Grantham - Away Empty Grantham - Away on Sun Feb 12 2017, 09:19

What can I really say except that on the day it was the best team that won, especially given their 2nd half performance.  At half time it was certainly a very even game, and 0-0 was a fair score as neither team had really looked like scoring.  But 2nd half Grantham came out and started the much better team scoring an early goal, and although we did get better after that we just couldn't create many good chances.  Then they wen't 2-0 up and we knew it would be an uphill task at that point, but fair play to the team they never gave up trying and did finally manage to get a consolation goal in injury time scored by Heath.

Just a pity the day was nearly ruined by 2 stupid Grantham fans at the end of the game, who were standing at the front of the upper tier of the stand and started mouthing off at us as we went to cheer the players off.  Of course we retaliated by telling them to do exactly the same thing, but that caused a load of other supporters to turn on us as well which nearly ended up in a riot.  And the 2 thing that annoyed me the most about the incident was the fact that

1. They tried to blame us for starting it which wasn't true and they knew it.
2. Their supporters who started trying to fight with us were old enough to know better, and they should really be ashamed of themselves.  But then again seeing Josh thumped by an OAP was funny.

But then again their supporters had done nothing but whinge & moan all through the game.  Every time one of our players made a tackle they immediately screamed foul, even when it wasn't.  And considering that there aren't any other big clubs nearby, a home crowd of 331 isn't very impressive for a team on a 16 game unbeaten run.  Not sure if people don't like watching football when they're so far from the pitch due to the running track around it, but there certainly wasn't much of an atmosphere in the ground.

We came back from the defeat at Sutton by winning the next two games, and I see no reason why we can't do the same thing again.  The league title may no longer be an option given that Blyth are 12 points clear, but we can still make the play-offs.

It is time to put this game & result behind us, and concentrate on our next match at home to Blyth next Saturday.

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2Grantham - Away Empty Re: Grantham - Away on Sun Feb 12 2017, 13:22

Man of the match voting was as follows:


Matt Gould
Darryl Westlake. } 4

Jordan Archer. 3

Josh Green
Leon Broadhurst } 2
Kayelden Brown
No-one deserving

Jake Heath
Tom Tonks. } 1

IAN DUNN won the wine.

Thanks to everyone who took part

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3Grantham - Away Empty Re: Grantham - Away on Sun Feb 12 2017, 18:20

Am suffering another bout of "granthamitis" said I wouldn't go again after the disgraceful scenes at the end of last year's match, i'm a glutton for punishment.

Having to step in to prevent a mass brawl is not my idea of a pleasant afternoon or what I've seen in non league football generally, ridiculous behaviour from the Grantham supporter who was clearly old enough to know better, throwing punches and surprised in getting retaliation, then trying to offer Hackett and Clifton out as well. As for the management, they clearly are doing a good job with the players, so let the players do the talking on the pitch, they ought to be locked in a box in the stand like in Rugby Union if they can't conduct themselves better than yesterday - not for the first time either. Coupled with the Athletics track, if there's a worse venue in non league football i'm glad I haven't been to it (King's Lynn for hostility possibly).

With that off my chest, Grantham where full value for the win and 2-1 wasn't a fair reflection of their performance, just about shaded an even first half and ripped us apart in the second, they where quicker than us to everything and while I expected difficulty at the back with the changes, I was disappointed with us in all areas of the pitch, no outfield player was impressive and I gave man of the match to Gould. Heath showed more in six minutes then some did in ninety, think he deserves a start before too much longer.

The last two performances away from Amblecote have been listless, hopefully we turn up against Blyth with the home comforts, otherwise it will be a very long ninety minutes.

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4Grantham - Away Empty Re: Grantham - Away on Sun Feb 12 2017, 21:34

So that was Grantham !
Lest said soonest mended as me granny used to say.
Handbags at the end...over as soon as it started.
They had a cameraman taking pictures of the crowd (331 !) as the teams came off so obviously already knew something ! The cup run defence has (almost) gone, two new players made their debut in defence, both our wingers missing, the bench looked strangely weak, it was always going to be tough.
A clear week ahead gives the boys the chance to get to know each other and train together. We have a massive game on Saturday against Blyth, and Stour do have the ability to surprise. With 48 points still up for grabs, its all to play for, but gotta do better & go forward in a positive & confident mood.  No time for niceties...just get stuck in !
Thought Kayo tried his heart out at Grantham but sorry to say, when the going gets tough, Luke & Jordan got to put in a more energetic shift.
And Stu should have the armband so that Tom can concentrate on doing what he does best....getting under the opposition instead of worrying about the others in the team.
Saturday will be massive but with a full house creating a great atmosphere then this team can do it.

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5Grantham - Away Empty Re: Grantham - Away on Mon Feb 13 2017, 19:37

The one obvious positive from the Grantham game is that although we lost 2-1, we are still 2 places above them in the league with 3 games in hand (until tomorrow night possibly!).

But we have got to make those 3 extra games count by winning them.

Grantham may be having the last laugh about Saturdays result, but at the end of the season I would really love us to be the ones having the biggest laugh by winning the playoffs instead of them Laughing

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6Grantham - Away Empty Re: Grantham - Away on Thu Feb 16 2017, 19:39

oldhillglassboy wrote:

The last two performances away from Amblecote have been listless, hopefully we turn up against Blyth with the home comforts, otherwise it will be a very long ninety minutes.

And now Benbow is out for a month....if I were a betting man on Saturday....

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7Grantham - Away Empty Re: Grantham - Away on Sat Feb 18 2017, 00:00

zippy wrote:And now Benbow is out for a month....if I were a betting man on Saturday....

At least we've still got Archer who seems to know where the back of the net is Very Happy

But yes losing Luke for between 4-6 weeks is a big blow.  It's at times like this when the team need all the support they can get.  So forget going to Wolves v Chelsea, come and watch Stour instead then see the Wolves game on BT sport in the bar after.

COYG cheers cheers cheers

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