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Is it time for a management change

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1 Is it time for a management change on Sat Oct 29 2016, 19:56

After watching the match today is it time for a management change.
We lack ideas and the management are always on to the officials and never blame themselves. Okay players make mistakes but again our management team dont seem to encourage our players either.
We had a coach last season but that didnt last long and Clifton aint good enough because he is always on to the ref. Gary you need to do something unless you want this club to go no where.
It appears you have your favourite players who almost you want sub. Leon today and most of the season has been to slow and should have a been subbed today instead of Tonks. We then sub Green probably our best player this season. Scarr is no where no where he was last season and Gary made Hull the escape goat for Matlock when any of back four could have been the escape coat.
Gary says this is our strongest squad you are laughing at the fans who go homeand away to watch our team.
Gary have the guts to say this squad aint the strongest which shows you aint doing a good job.
Next weekend is massive because if we lose the season is over. Also play players in there right positions and not where you think. Green is the best right back in the league but we play him at centre back to cover Scarr.
Gary have you got the bottle to either sort it out or leave.

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2 Re: Is it time for a management change on Sat Oct 29 2016, 23:15

4 bad results and people are already calling for the management to go, what a surprise!

I seem to remember people saying the same thing the season we moved into the Northern Premier League, simply because we had a bad season.  Yet the following season everyone posting on here who had called for the management to go, were then having to apologise as we had a much better season just missing out on the playoffs.

There are 2 main problems this season which are:

1) When Carl Hawley announced he was leaving in the summer we should have started looking for a replacement immediately.  But for some reason we didn't which wasn't a good idea, because no matter how good Benbow is at scoring goals the team cannot rely on one player all the time.

2) And we still seem to have the same problem as last season, which is we're conceding too many goals.  I know that we're able to comeback from a goal down or even two in the case of Halesowen, but we shouldn't have to keep doing that.

When we played at Nantwich recently in the FA Cup the team proved that they were capable of producing a good all round performance, by going into a swift 3-0 lead.  So the question that needs to be asked, is why can they not put out the same performance in the league games.

The more games we keep losing at home the more people will get fed up with watching the team and our crowds will drop, as proven at today's game.  And that is the last thing we want to happen.

But NO! I do not think it's time for a management change, after all we're still in a mid table position and not in the relegation zone.  Having said that we do need to change our fortunes quickly, otherwise we won't be out of it for much longer.  And with all the recent success that we've had in the various cups we should be able to spend some money on the team, we got Hawley last season so why couldn't we get a replacement for him this season.  After all if Luke got injured, with nobody to replace him we'd be completely stuck.

It's no good having a ground fit for promotion, if we haven't got the team to achieve it.

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3 Re: Is it time for a management change on Mon Oct 31 2016, 08:40

This thread must have come up at least once a season for the last 5 or 6 years.

In all those years I've never once supported the calls for change. I agree there are some frustrations this season, but it's a long old league season at 46 games.

Firstly, Gary will probably feel that in Benbow we have a reasonably close replacement for Hawley, but my worry now is replacing Richards - Hague is still young and is very promising, and must be given the chance to continue to develop, but I feel like we need an experienced replacement.

A weird one for me is the integration of the experienced Westlake. He looks a really good, solid reliable player, but his main position is where we already had one of the best, most solid and reliable players in the squad in Kristian Green - probably the last position on the pitch any Stour fan would say needs strengthening. Cobbling Westlake and Green into the back four hasn't really worked.

I feel happier that Duggan is on the mend and coming back into first team football, but not sure how he is going to slot in.

One person I do feel sorry for is Joe Hull. I think he was unfortunate to be sacrificed early on against Halesowen when I feel we played completely the wrong system from the start and nobody seemed to have a clue what they were doing defensively. He has been 'hung out to dry' somewhat, but having said that with Duggan coming back and Stu playing a bit more than he was earlier in the season, opportunities may have been limited.

To be fair to Dan Scarr, he is coming back from a very disrupted pre-season due to injury troubles, and I think there's quite a few players who haven't hit the heights of last season - particularly Chris Lait.

It feels odd people criticising the team and management when we are sat in the FA Cup First Round Proper again, something that in 2008 I never thought would ever happen, and now it has become almost a regular occurrence. Whilst I have been critical of some of the below-par performances of late (particularly Sutton Coldfield), to win four away games in the FA Cup, three of whom against league colleagues was excellent.

We seem to be running a bit hot and cold, the cold bits coming chiefly in the league, but I've no doubt we CAN start to improve.

As I mentioned before, we have a lot of home league games over the coming weeks and we need to make the most of them. Apart from Buxton, none of them are against teams who have set the world alight in the league this year so far so the opportunity is there to pick up a good number of points and rise up the table. But the improvement in league performances has to start now.

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