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FA Cup Replays

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1 FA Cup Replays on Mon Feb 22 2016, 17:50

There has been a lot of talk recently about the idea of scrapping FA Cup replays, simply to cut down the number of matches played by premier league teams.

As supporters of a non-league team does anyone agree with that idea, or should the FA simply say tough luck especially considering the ridiculous wages some of those players are on.

Surely if they wanted to cut down on the number of matches then why not scrap the Champions League & Europa League, and revert back to the old European Cup and Uefa Cup.  That way when you lose you're out, which means one less competition to think about.

Teams playing in 2 leagues at the same time is completely stupid and it all comes down to money as usual.  Domestic competitions should take priority over European ones, and in my opinion scrapping replays will just put smaller clubs out of business to please the big clubs in the First Division (Sorry! I mean Premier League) Wink

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