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Nantwich Away

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1 Nantwich Away on Tue Feb 16 2016, 14:11

It has been confirmed that tonight's game is ON, at the 3rd time of trying.

I am actually looking forward to this match, and just hope they don't P-P it as we're about to leave the motorway at the junc. for Nantwich like they did 9 days ago.

Best of look to the team and everyone who's going, and have a safe journey there & back.

We need to make plenty of noise tonight, and keep our good run going.

So... COYG cheers

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2 Re: Nantwich Away on Tue Feb 16 2016, 23:56

Shame it was not postponed! Best team won on the night but terrible performance by Stour enough said!

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3 Re: Nantwich Away on Wed Feb 17 2016, 00:44

This was like deja vu….Barwell revisited,what an absolute horror show from our lot.

Absolutely nothing on offer in a going forward sense,nil in terms of creativity,virtually no chances created and a second half of utterly dismal quality.

I've banged on for months about the lack of depth in the squad and chickens came home to roost tonight…..big time!

With Geddes injured and recent signings cup tied due to being signed too late in the season we were left totally exposed,the bench was as weak as i can remember in recent seasons.

All the fantastic work done in beating good teams to get this far in the competition seems so pointless when a weakened team takes the pitch on such an important evening.

Once again many of us thought young Gould in goal was MOTM once again,too regular an occurrence in recent weeks in my opinion,the lad kept the score down by 6 or 7 goals with some great saves.

Congrats to Nantwich,i must say i do admire the way they play,they have a brand of football i would so like to see at Amblecote.

They are fast and athletic,they attack at pace and use the wings with great skill and their wide men are spoilt for choice with runners flooding the box,they are an extremely good side to watch. They caught us out time after time by overloading on our full backs but nobody within our set up seemed to notice or react to this.

Our lack of pressing them back really narked me,we gave them acres of space,we didn't get in their faces enough,we lacked the combativeness that Tonks brought to our midfield,the sooner we re-sign him the better.

We need that back up striker as well,i gather Ryan Rowe scored for Lye tonight,if he's not in Telford's plans then i would certainly be looking to add him to our ranks for the run in.

Very dispiriting display tonight,Kristien Green had a decent game,Peirpoint was solid but the rest were well below par.

Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot again in the league with a display like this,we need to be more aggressive and start getting in opponents faces,tonight was a passive display with few redeeming features that let down a very decent away following of around 120+ fans.

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4 Re: Nantwich Away on Wed Feb 17 2016, 17:11

Can't argue with that - we made an ordinary team look like world beaters. A team from our own league (and one place below us at that) and we kept backing off and giving them space as if we were playing a side from a much higher league.

We should have just gone for it, got into their faces and tried to pepper them with everything we'd got - a couple of years ago we went to North Ferriby and got turned over 4-0 but at least that night we had a go and gave them a game and I enjoyed that performance a lot more than last night's garbage. Better to go out with a bang than a whimper.

This was our best chance of getting to the quarter finals in a long time and probably will be a long time before it comes round again and we monumentally effed it up big time.

Plan B? I'm not convinced we had a plan A.

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5 Re: Nantwich Away on Wed Feb 17 2016, 19:32

Voting for Man of the Match was as follows;

MATT GOULD 20 votes

Brian Smikle { 5
Drew Canavan

Leon Broadhurst 1

Wine was won by KEVIN BROADHURST

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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