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Ramsbottom at home

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1 Ramsbottom at home on Fri Jan 01 2016, 19:11

Presuming the rain forecast to fall on the already soggy pitch tomorrow doesn't stop the match from being played, do people see this as being an easy game as they are bottom of the league. On paper it should be another 3 pointer, but I suppose you cannot take anyone for granted.

I go for 2-0 to stour Very Happy

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2 Re: Ramsbottom at home on Sat Jan 02 2016, 19:08

Man of the match voting was as follows,


Sean Geddes
Karl Hawley
Stuart Pierpoint. all 1 vote
Justin Richards
Dan Scarr
Kristian Green
Clive Eades

One vote to come.

Wine was won by PAUL HIGGINSON

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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3 Re: Ramsbottom at home on Sat Jan 02 2016, 20:09

Thanks Leon for trying to change our worst performance of the season. The other players and management should be totally ashamed of their performance.

If we are trying to gain promotion we should put Ramsbottom away without any problems.

Our new signing should stand up and be counted on. Supporters give him all the praise but he has done nothing since he came back. DA says best attacking midfileder in our league if other team players read this they must be laughing. Bltyh midfielder showed him how to play.

Gary we didnt need him we needed a defensive midfielder as Tonksey was. As DA have said in a previous post we have no midfield. Leon can't do it alk on its own.

Subs today were crap. Dodd again showed he cant cross a ball into the box so why didnt we put Ben out wide or certainly can cross a ball.

One last point why is Lait on the bench why he has caused more problems than anybody.

Gary based on today play offs are no where near. Stop having favourites players play players who cause problems for the other team and sign some decent players. Give Clarke a chance but send Hales back to kiddy.

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4 Re: Ramsbottom at home on Sat Jan 02 2016, 23:35

Oh shock, we have our first bad game in ages and already people are throwing their toys out of the pram predicting nothing but the worst. Stuff the first half of the season and all the good progress that we've made compared to last season, that obviously doesn't matter. No team can be expected to win every single game, after all this is non-league not premier-league.

Yes playing against the team bottom of the table at home should have been an easy 3 points to us, unfortunately we got it wrong on the day and they won. But that doesn't mean our chances of promotion are over, we will simply bounce back and start winning again just like we did after losing to Blyth.

We are still only 9th in the table 6 points off the play offs with games in hand, not bottom like Ramsbottom are. So unless there is a complete disaster and we suddenly start losing every game, I do not see any need to be worried yet. Mad

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5 Re: Ramsbottom at home on Sun Jan 03 2016, 11:25


Wasn't there but I'm going to take a Wild stab in the dark and guess that Si is blowing slightly out of proportion.

And btw, the bit about Dodd is utter rubbish. He is our most dangerous player. Inconsistent? Yes. That's why he is non league. But he has ability others don't have in the team. You're being incredibly harsh on him and a team who have done so much this season.

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6 Re: Ramsbottom at home on Sun Jan 03 2016, 12:34

An early goal would of settled us but was hard against a hard working side,with a few good players trying to catch us out on the counter,old cliche but these points we are dropping are realy gonna hurt us come the end of the season,we never make it easy for ourselves sometimes!

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7 Re: Ramsbottom at home on Sun Jan 03 2016, 19:12

The quirky formation certainly didn't help - Pierpoint was left to cover a big area and Smikle being further forward caught us out for their first goal as quick thinking from their keeper and us switching off saw us one down.

There was a lot of huffing and puffing and effort but little end product for the strikers to work with.

A wonder goal always looked our best hope and so it proved - capped a man of the match performance from Leon. We then should have pressed on to try and get 3 points instead of 1 but we defended a corner poorly (Price should have come and collected it in my view) and we were chasing the game again.

Think some of Stour Si's critique is harsh - especially on the subs; given that Mark Wright created both of our goals and did more in twenty minutes than Dodd managed in seventy. We actually had a strong bench of alternative options.

I don't really agree though that Dodd is our most dangerous player - struggling to think of many goals he has created this season - there is a big roar from the crowd whenever he picks up the ball on the right because he has pace and gets into good positions, but there is little or no end product it has to be said.

Fair play to the visitors - they were up for it and defended doggedly. They didn't do anything terrifically exciting and slowed the game down considerably but they got the job done - just surprised this was their first away win given how they played.

Was typical Stour in many ways - we seem to love a big challenge and making things hard for ourselves both within a game and over a season as Baz says.

It may well come down to a few points come the end of April and these sorts of games will be the difference.

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