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Nantwich away.

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1 Nantwich away. on Tue Oct 27 2015, 00:45

Looking forward to this one,hope it's not a case of "after the Lord Mayor's Show" though.

We really must keep our eye on the promotion prize this season,i hope the club don't fall into the previous trap of failing to add quality to the squad whilst things are going well.

I like Nantwich's set up and their pitch must be one of the best at ANY level in the country,a good set of fan's as well in my experience.

I'm taking Bruce and Baz and possibly one or two others so come on Stour….keep the foot on the gas,no slip ups,this would be a great one to win.

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2 Re: Nantwich away. on Tue Oct 27 2015, 07:05

Good to get back to league action,hope a few fans are going as was such a good support at Cowyn Bay.

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3 Re: Nantwich away. on Tue Oct 27 2015, 07:52

baz wrote:Good to get back to league action,hope a few fans are going as was such a good support at Colwyn Bay.

Unfortunately I'm one that won't be going.  Would have like to but with cup matches at H and then Dover the following week, I cannot afford to do them all.  And whilst we're still in the 2 big cup competitions they get priority.  Which is purely a financial decision and not because I'm a glory hunter, before anyone thinks about saying it.

Plus I can't say I'll be there in spirit either as I don't drink the stuff, more likely to be scrumpy instead Wink

But obviously I do wish the team all the best.  COYG cheers

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4 Re: Nantwich away. on Tue Oct 27 2015, 23:33

A dissapointing result tonight against a very fit,speedy and athletic Nantwich side.

Stour put in plenty of work rate and endeavour without ever really coming close to creating a guilt edged chance.

A lack of common sense with heavy passes being played to the forwards on a greasy pitch was very frustrating as we kept continually over hitting passes throughout the night.

Dodd had an off night and continually over complicated things rather than getting the ball into the box,it was a night for the early cross because of the slick surface but we kept delaying the ball,Nantwich played to the conditions better than us in an attacking sense.

Tonight also highlighted the need for more quality and options in the squad,we ran out of ideas and had no way of changing things to any great degree,now is the time to get some extra quality and depth in to help Gary and this hardworking and enthusiastic squad of players.

A good away support tonight and plenty of laughs despite the result,the highlight of which was the vociferous bunch of Nantwich "youth" banging their drum and doing their own chant of "Let's all do the Brucey" which was greatly enjoyed by us lot.

Super company in the car tonight with DY9 Paul Higginson,Baz and Bruce accompanying me on what was "groundhog day" with it being a year to the day since the same fixture against Nantwich as last season and the same rainy conditions,alas the result was the opposite.

More of a cutting edge on Saturday please lads against the Smeltz but keep up the excellent work rate and commitment.

Chequebook time Mr Chairman…….let's not make the mistakes of two and three seasons ago,Gary needs reinforcements of quality and he needs them now.

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5 Re: Nantwich away. on Wed Oct 28 2015, 09:32

Man of the match voting was as follows:


Stuart Pierpoint 5

Dan Scarr
Kristian Green. 3 each

Matt Dodd
Leon Broadhurst
Tom Tonks.
Lewis Solly 1 each

Dave Gorton won the wine.

Thanks to all who took part.

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6 Re: Nantwich away. on Wed Oct 28 2015, 14:35

Disappointing night against a hard working side,great banter as always,onwards and upwards!

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