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1 Rushall on Fri Aug 28 2015, 11:31

Don't forget, programmes will be on sale from the hut just inside the turnstiles, at a price of just £2. Now full colour, it includes a wealth of content, news, interviews and stats.

Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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2 Re: Rushall on Sun Aug 30 2015, 22:37

The hut needs a coat of Cuprinol.

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3 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 00:10

Bring the Cuprinol and the brush and give the club a hand? We're all in it together after all???????

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4 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 02:36

Its called a 'joke' Clive.
A bit like those sunglasses you wear! Cool

If I get five minutes before Winter from my busy schedule I will be sure to do so. Basketball

PS I think the hut's okay, although a built in coal fire for the'ledg' that is Mr Handy ready for the cold snap wouldnt go a miss. Very Happy

Thats all 'Ladies & Gents'.

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5 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:15

Typical, moaning and complaining but will you put your money where your mouth is and help the club? No.

Such a shame that certain people have their agendas and will knock the club at every opportunity and never lift a finger to help with the solutions

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6 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:16

And what do you do to help?

Just WHO are you anyway?

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7 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:21

Because I don't know you, my opinion is invalid?

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8 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:31


It was a joke.

I have helped out before now at the club. I was at ground in the pouring rain clearing the guttering out from the stands and clearing over twenty bags of rubbish for two days before the Walsall FACup game.

Not much in the context of what some do I know, but far more than others thats for sure.

And as for my hard earned money I will do exactly what I please with it. If I do ever help the club out with funds you would be the last to know.

Im off to B&Q. Laughing

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9 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:33

You always come on here like a little girl squealing if anyone dares to make a comment that doesn't "toe the club line",it's absolutely pathetic.

I have no problem with you being super positive about everything the club does,if you're that easily pleased then that's your lookout.

What I do have a problem with ( and I've told you this before on here ) is the way you launch snide personal attacks on people who hold an opposing view.

There is simply no need for it,if you've got a problem tell the person to their face at tonight's match!

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10 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:35

glassboypaul wrote:Because I don't know you, my opinion is invalid?

But your opinion of me is 'valid'. Rolling Eyes

You dont know me or anything about me, yet your asking me to put my money where my mouth is!

Very strange behaviour. scratch

Dont some people get touchy? It was a bit of banter, a joke ffs!

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11 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:50

glassboypaul wrote:Typical, moaning and complaining but will you put your money where your mouth is and help the club? No.

Such a shame that certain people have their agendas and will knock the club at every opportunity and never lift a finger to help with the solutions

Please let me know how I have knocked the club by mentioning Cuprinol? scratch

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12 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 18:33

Typical assboypaul,you really are pathetic.i'm also going tonight if you want to say something.stop hiding behind the forum.
He obviously has no sense of humour.

Up the glass boys

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13 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 22:17

A far better performance from the one I saw against Nantwich,let's hope the run continues.browny made a difference when he came on but I do think we need another striker because we are light on that front especially on Saturdays.

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14 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 22:18

Ps.....I here BQ have got a special on Cuprinol Smile

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15 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 22:58

Over all I thought it was a good performance. Bitterly disappointed not to come away with the three points that I thought we deserved.

We won the midfield battle and looked threatening going forward. I also thought we defended well down the middle, but we look sloppy when balls come in to the box from wide areas.

However we look much better than at the backend of last season.

Pick the negativity out of that.

For those of you who asked...
Surprisingly 'Paul' didnt make himself known. affraid

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16 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 23:05

Thought we were the better team tonight, played some nice stuff at times and, but for the awful defending for their 2nd goal, looked much more solid than against Nantwich.

I think we'll do ok this season, but suspect it will be a case of win one, lose one, draw one if we don't tighten up at the back.

Overall a decent game, and a very good crowd, even if it was boosted by the Rushall 'Far side ultras' (3 people).

Things are looking better than they were, and much better than those on the wrong side of the viaduct : )

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17 Re: Rushall on Mon Aug 31 2015, 23:25

Again a decent performance, better than against Workington, probably should have won both. But should have lost it at the end tonight, brilliant save from Solly, one of several.

An exciting game overall and a very good crowd, only 54 short of the Worcester/Hednesford game I took in earlier in the day, Rushall are no mugs and I think we shaded it, good strike from Benbow, I suppose it was inevitable that would happen! our second goal was excellent with brilliant work from Tonks (who was impressive throughout) to win the ball and a great finish from Brown, disappointed we couldn't see it through.

But in terms of improvement from the second half of the last season, I am pleased with what I've seen so far, especially with the attacking play and players putting a shift in, defensively is clearly an area we need to improve on, but at least progress has been made, hopefully that will continue.

The goalkeeping situation is interesting, Solly is making himself very hard to drop from his performances in the last few games, although there have been stunning saves from both keepers, interesting with Coleman playing tonight as well, I've always thought that, on form, Solly was the better keeper and still surprised he didn't get his place back after his injury a couple of years ago, but that's water under the bridge.

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18 Re: Rushall on Tue Sep 01 2015, 00:36

Two very average teams in my opinion.

Another good display by Lewis in goal,back to his best and replicating the form he showed years ago,in my opinion he's still our number one keeper.

Chilton continues to impress,the guy covers a huge amount of ground,links the play well and chases every lost cause,the bloke is a manager's dream,he'd be first on my team sheet every week.

I thought Leon had an excellent first half,his "nous" in midfield put's him a cut above Canavan but once he was sacrificed to cover for Knight we lost our grip in midfield.

I was disappointed with Dodd tonight,he and Lait didn't offer enough,failing to beat their man and constantly losing the ball which resulted in poor service to Karl Hawley.

Tonks had a tidy game and Brown stretched them when he came on and took his goal well.

I'm in Aled's camp to be honest,i see nothing in this side that leads me to believe that anything more than mid table is a likely finishing position for us BUT if the bull is grabbed by the horns immediately and some quality is brought in at the back to tighten up a porus defence and a decent partner is acquired for Hawley i might yet be surprised.

A word on our opposition.

I'm a Baggie and a big Richard Sneekes fan ( as a player ) but they didn't impress me at all tonight and as for Benbow it was as always all about himself.A great goal aided by us backing off but overall you could see why he'll never make it much higher up the football pyramid.

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19 Re: Rushall on Tue Sep 01 2015, 09:58

Man of the Match voting was as follows:

TOM TONKS 11 votes

Dan Scarr 7

Chris Lait 6

Lewis Solly
Lee Chilton [ All 3
Kayeldon Brown

Kristian Green
Matt Dodds
Stuart Pierpoint [ All 1
Chris Knight
Leon Broadhurst

Wine was won by IAN HARTGROVES

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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20 Rushall on Tue Sep 01 2015, 11:36

A good, entertaining game with a draw being just about the right result.

At times, I thought Rushall played good football, reflecting their manager's style, and we have to thank Solly for producing some stunning saves.

But we also had our chances, with the woodwork saving them on several occasions.

A good team performance and a bit churlish to criticise but Dodd, although having a lot of the ball, could have been more productive. Lait, on the other wing, didn't have one of his better games. Good to see Green being more attack-minded and Harris's class was evident.

Our second goal was the best of the night with Tonks's through ball and Brown's professional finish giving what we all thought and hoped would be the winner. Alas, not to be !

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21 Re: Rushall on Tue Sep 01 2015, 12:00


Clearly a work in progress. To expect a virtually new team to click this early is never going to happen. However, there are positives. Midfield wise, I'd always play Louis. I've rated him since he signed for us and I still think we're a far superior team with him in it. Tonks was excellent yesterday. He gives us added bite in the middle and as was seen with the goal has an eye for a pass.

The defence is an issue however it's a virtually new back 4. We are a lot better off now than we were and we are atleast playing some fairly enjoyable football. We're also a lot better off than those lot down in Brum.

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