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Ilkeston away

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1 Ilkeston away on Mon Aug 24 2015, 23:53

Man of the match voting was,


Louis Harris 6

Lee Chilton 2
Karl Hayley 2

The wine was won by Steve Coyle

Thanks to all who took part

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2 Re: Ilkeston away on Tue Aug 25 2015, 16:43

I hardly know where to start on this one to be honest.

The defending ( as a team ) is an absolute fiasco despite the fact we have more coaches and assistants than we have substitutes.

Ilkeston virtually walked through us to score three of their goal's and the other goal ( second one on the night ) was a result of nobody even getting close to the guy who struck the shot.

Every time Ilkeston went on the attack it looked as if a goal would result,we don't seem to have a midfield with an ability to make life hard for the opposition,everything looks far too easy.

We've given away 4,3 and 3 in the first four matches of the season,in effect we're giving ourselves virtually no chance of picking up results because the demands on the goalscoring department are way too high,the defence itself gives no confidence,Leon has been a terrific servant to Stour but he is not a left back so in my opinion,if he's deemed no longer good enough for midfield ( a moot point! in itself! ) then he has to become simply a squad player,we need a specialist in that position.

Kristien Green has become a worry at right back as well.

In pre season he was "bombing on" and causing opposition a lot of problems yet in the league matches i've seen so far he rarely get's over the half way line,he is offering nothing in an attacking sense and he appears panicked when defending.

Our ball retention was absolutely appalling,the number of times Canavan gave it away were mind blowing,it culminated in him losing the ball for what turned out to be their winner but even after that the way they were smacking the ball past an exposed Stourbridge keeper within 5 or 6 seconds was a joke.

There was a good traveling contingent from Stour last night,around 40-50 i'd estimate and there is no doubt that patience is wearing thin even amongst the most stoic of "elders" amongst the group and rightly so.

Since early February the Stourbridge league form guide reads,

Played 21 won 2 drawn 6 lost 13 - That gives 12 points from a possible 63.

The last twelve league matches form guide reads,

Played 12 won 1 drawn 3 lost 8 - That gives 6 points from a possible 36.

In four league matches this season we've shipped 11 goals.

Non of the above is good enough.

I'd like to know why we can't even fill out bench with substitutes yet we have this ridiculously large,bloated coaching staff?

A manager,TWO assistant managers,a first team coach,a goalkeeping coach,a fitness coach,a ball bag carrier plus another couple of bods that seem to fill the hutch!

We are not Chelsea,we are Stourbridge,our resources should be focussed on the team and not the back room.

Something is very wrong in my opinion and it needs addressing pronto but who's going to do it?

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3 Re: Ilkeston away on Tue Aug 25 2015, 21:20

We could fill the bench but for reasons of not wanting to pay players unnecessarily we don't.

I thought it was an exciting encounter against one of the leagues top teams. We have a very tough opening det of fixtures so no alarm bells yet

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4 Re: Ilkeston away on Tue Aug 25 2015, 23:46

Only someone involved behind the scenes could possibly know the reason for us not filling our bench!

It's now obvious why you are always so positive about our set up.

So you think it's better to spend money on 7/8 back room staff and see us turn up for matches with a wafer thin quality of substitutes!?

Absolutely gobsmacking.

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5 Re: Ilkeston away on Wed Aug 26 2015, 00:12

Devil's Advocate wrote:Our ball retention was absolutely appalling,the number of times Canavan gave it away were mind blowing,

Although not surprising as he's been doing that on a consistent basis for the last six years or so.

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6 Re: Ilkeston away on Wed Aug 26 2015, 00:14

glassboypaul wrote:We could fill the bench but for reasons of not wanting to pay players unnecessarily we don't.

As I understand it, non-contract players are only paid if they get a run out, not if they just warm the bench for 90 minutes.

So I'd guess not so much as not wanting to pay players as not being able to find players willing to travel for nothing.

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7 Re: Ilkeston away on Thu Aug 27 2015, 23:03

Heard on the grapevine that we are setting up a reserve side

Made up from all the management and back room staff Smile

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8 Re: Ilkeston away on Fri Aug 28 2015, 07:32


Thought Worcester already had a reserve side? Obviously not. Wink Rolling Eyes Laughing

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9 Re: Ilkeston away on Mon Aug 31 2015, 11:16

How's geddes Baggie stour hear he is warming the bench

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10 Re: Ilkeston away on Mon Aug 31 2015, 18:38

This is a Stourbridge forum not Worcester,if you want to know how he's doing then ask him tonight when he comes to watch...oh you won't though will you because you hide behind the forum and make snide remarks.
My comment was also a joke at devil's comments,but yet again you don't have a sense of humour.
It's probably best I don't know who you are.

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