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Monday night fever

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1 Monday night fever on Fri Jul 24 2015, 22:33

So, we're going to be playing on Monday nights. I can see the attraction - we might get bigger gates and some of us will be able to do more games in a week (DtG this means you). It's worth a try for a season.

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2 Re: Monday night fever on Fri Jul 24 2015, 23:47

The downside to this will be a Monday home match 48 hours after a nightmare away trip on a Saturday to such as Blyth or suchlike,especially if its a horrendous home trip.

Add to that the lads playing Sunday football ( even if they are not supposed to some do,like Benbow was last season! )

For supporters of Premier League teams such as Albion and Villa there is often a live Monday night match for us so this will probably see some of us miss more Stour matches this coming season.

All of this said its probably worth a try for a season and then re-evaluate next summer.

Also a "knock on" benefit for Lye Town as it'll mean their Tuesday home fixtures will no doubt see better numbers for a significant number of us who try to get to their games whenever possible.

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3 Re: Monday night fever on Sun Jul 26 2015, 00:52

Speaking personally, bad decision as I can't do Monday night games (apart from Bank Holidays). Looks like no point in having the full season ticket this year then.

Although, isn't this something that should have been decided at the AGM? You know, give the people who attend games a say in the decision.

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4 Re: Monday night fever on Sun Jul 26 2015, 11:31

No point in me getting a full or flexi-season ticket as i work 1 in 4 Saturdays and late shifts on Mondays, so it doesn't make sense.  Also it will mean that i miss home cup matches.  Not too happy.  Looks like Lye on Tuesday nights.

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5 Re: Monday night fever on Sun Jul 26 2015, 12:03

Why was this not decided,or discussed at the end of last season? Also people may of bought a season ticket under the idea Tuesday was gonna be the mid week game but can't make a Monday? I can understand the club doin it,to attract more people but i bet the players are not to happy about it after playing Saturday,ok people might say they are semi pro but they are still human and have to go to work etc and get tired! Will the coaches have to re arrange any off the training schedules now as guess was a stuctured fitness regime,with the day less between matches? Like every decision has its good points and bad.

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6 Re: Monday night fever on Sun Jul 26 2015, 16:23

I'm sceptical about this, whatever night I think anyone who want's to watch non league watches and those who don't, don't, plus there is a fair bit of televised football on Mondays too, i'm sure the club must have researched other clubs who have done this and it would be interesting to know if it has increased their gates, also having one less day's recovery after a Saturday game doesn't seem good.

It does seem rather late to be doing this after the fixtures had come out, I have made other arrangements for the 17th specifically because we where playing Nantwich on the 18th, so I will probably have to miss that now.

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7 Re: Monday night fever on Sun Jul 26 2015, 16:47

A more interesting idea would've been to have trialed doing matches on a Thursday when there would be virtually no other football on.

That said,if the football is of the standard we played yesterday at Stourport you could play the match in my back garden and still not attract me to open my curtains!

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8 Re: Monday night fever on Sun Jul 26 2015, 22:42

Plus a Monday night is double Corrie night....
What the hell are they thinking??!!!

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9 Re: Monday night fever on Sun Jul 26 2015, 23:45

Ahh,you've found a plus side to the change then Tricky.

Corrie ffs

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10 Re: Monday night fever on Mon Jul 27 2015, 00:09

Stourport? Devil

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11 Re: Monday night fever on Tue Jul 28 2015, 22:22

Definitely wise from a footballing strategic perspective. Tiredness from the weekend applies to both teams, whereas players should be more rested up for more weekend games than those of teams who play their home midweek games later in the week.

Not sure how it plays out financially (presumably the club doesn't think negatively), but you are sure to hear more here from those who lose out from the change than from those who don't post here because they were never around on a Tuesday to go to a game under lights and catch the bug in the first place, but might have gone along on a Monday.

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12 Re: Monday night fever on Tue Aug 04 2015, 23:48

The feeling I got tonight is that a fair few people are not at all happy about this, that's just in my regular standing area, so don't know if that apply's across the board. A few like myself not necessarily opposed to a different night, think the timing is poor having bought season tickets based on Tuesday nights, i'm fortunate enough in being able to rearrange things I had planned to attend these games, I know others are not in that position. I still think there's not enough recovery time after a Saturday game. But it is what it is, will be interesting how it pans out.

Another reason for this was presented to me tonight, very much out of left field, as this is "friend of a friend" territory, I prefer to see facts before offering an opinion.

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