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Re: Grantham away

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1 Re: Grantham away on Sun Feb 22 2015, 20:09

Regarding Luke Benbow, i just cannot understand what has happened with him at the moment. He is always last on the coach in a manner which seems to say i am the best here, so you must wait for me. he is constantly moaning at other team members when he does not get the ball. his hands are on his hips, and yet Gary and the bench do not say anything. When he is subbed he heads straight for the dressing room.
There is no doubting his ability ( although i do not agree with Jack about him being our best player) a good player should just get on with it, and try his best. I also agree that he has not got the quality around him has he has had in the previous season, but this should not detract from how he applies himself on the pitch. i am still going to matches but have lost a lot of enthusiasm that i had last year.
I did not expect to see us in the top three, but i did think we might reach the playoffs, alas i think that is not possible now i hope i am proved wrong.  I hope Louis, and Ben can get fit again, i also think given time Josh could be a big plus, assuming he gets a run in the team

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