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Halesowen home

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51 Re: Halesowen home on Sat Dec 27 2014, 09:23

samhistory wrote:Can not agree with putting seats in the shed, surely a seated stand behind the goal at the church end would be better and also add to the atmosphere at these bigger games.

Putting seats in the Shed End is the considerably cheaper option.

Not saying I agree with doing it but I can understand the reasons behind it.

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52 Re: Halesowen home on Sat Dec 27 2014, 11:10

Think a draw on reflection was a fair result especially when we went down to 10 men.

Would agree that from the side it looked like Will was jumping in the air to avoid the tackle. Just think landing on their made the refs mind up.

Thought performance was poor but cant understand some of the team selection. Junior at right back even though he did okay surely is better further forward. Surely Andre was a better option. Junior could have moved forward in place of JMP who for me looks out of his depth at present. If we are going to play kids then why not give McPike on the right who seems to be able to create something.

Also think the last two games prove we need a few signings especially with loans finishing. For me Ex aint the answer at the back he lacks mobility which I think both Rushall and Halesowen took advantage of.

A point will look a lot better if we can achieve a win on Thursday.

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53 Re: Halesowen home on Sat Dec 27 2014, 11:57

Someone (it could have been Brian) told me yesterday that the Shed is the only part of the ground where the steps are the right gradient for seats.

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54 Re: Halesowen home on Sat Dec 27 2014, 15:49

It was me. It was mentioned at the meeting that the 'raise' (I think that's the right word) was not enough in the stand but was in the shed. Would personally prefer to keep the shed all standing but if that's the only place to put seats to get promotion then I suppose we should.

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55 Re: Halesowen home on Sat Dec 27 2014, 19:16

Man of the Match voting was:

Dean Coleman 5
Kieran Morris 4
Luke Benbow 4
Exedus Geohaghon 2
Drew Canavan 1

1 vote still to come

Winner of the wine was PHIL PAYNE

Thanks to all who took part.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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56 Re: Halesowen home on Sun Dec 28 2014, 01:48

Hello everyone.

Some have you may have seen a couple of guys with cameras today, and our commentator too. We were filming for Yeltz TV and have been since August. Our match with you is our highest viewed yet with 2500 so far, 1500 since midnight. Some of you may have already seen it via Twitter or Facebook, but I thought I'd quickly sign up here and post it for those of you who haven't seen it.

The link is on our YouTube channel, if you search Halesowen Town FC or Yeltz TV, you should find us, I can't post the link because I'm a new member, if one of you finds it maybe you could post it on my behalf...

A brilliant goal by Tilt, an unfortunate own goal, and a (dare I say it) deserved red card? Ended a freezing cold day with a fair 1-1 draw.

Hope you enjoy the video guys!

-On behalf of Yeltz TV

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57 Re: Halesowen home on Sun Dec 28 2014, 10:13


A very professional job that. Excellent highlights. Can see why Will got sent off, but I do think it was harsh as you can see that he genuinely is trying to jump over a badly timed challenge himself.

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58 Re: Halesowen home on Sun Dec 28 2014, 22:55

I see they lost at home to Marine today, given the conditions and bruising encounter on Boxing Day, I think we were lucky to have escaped another fixture only 48 hours later.

From what I could make of them, they were organised (arn't they all in this division), but, despite Haseley, you can see why they struggle for goals, it's no good having a prolific striker if he's starved of service.

For our part, we looked lacklustre, and to be honest, it's one of the poorest performances I've seen this season. We lacked any sort of viable plan, and but for Benbow, are short of ideas.

To sum up, two mid table sides, and unlikely to be anything else this season on this evidence.

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59 Re: Halesowen home on Sun Dec 28 2014, 23:04

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60 Re: Halesowen home on Mon Dec 29 2014, 18:45

Yes the highlights really where excellent, as was the game itself.  I was standing in the shed during both halves, and apart from when one of their morons decided to fill the stand with smoke after letting off a flare everything else was OK.  The banter between both sets of fans was brilliant without it ever turning hostile, I just hope the return fixture is as good.

Could not tell from in the shed, but was our 2nd goal which was disallowed definitely off side Suspect

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61 Re: Halesowen home on Mon Dec 29 2014, 18:49

Unfortunately it was one of "our" morons who let off the smoke bomb.
Shall i name names?

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62 Re: Halesowen home on Mon Dec 29 2014, 19:04

Tricky Tree wrote:Unfortunately it was one of "our" morons who let off the smoke bomb.
Shall i name names?

It was indeed a Stourbridge moron as opposed to a Halesowen moron who left off the smoke bomb, let off as celebration after you scored. We had one or two morons there on the day as well, but fortunately we self police pretty well and they never became a problem.

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63 Re: Halesowen home on Mon Dec 29 2014, 23:01

In that case I will apologise to all Halesowen supporters, I presumed he was one of yours as he as standing towards that side. Cannot see the point in them anyway, as they can cause panic.

Funny thing was that just before that smoke bomb was lit, one of our fans who was standing just inside the shed was told off by a steward for smoking in the stand Shocked Laughing

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