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Kings Lynn - Today

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1 Kings Lynn - Today on Sat Nov 15 2014, 23:00

Having not long got back from the game I have to say we were really unlucky to lose 3-1, and it certainly wasn't a fair result of the match.

Regardless of the result it had to be one of the best games I've seen so far this season, end to end action all throughout the game and it could easily of ended 3-3 or even 4-4. You really have to feel sorry for the team, as the players put all their effort into the game only to return with nothing. I've seen us play a lot worse this season and still manage to get at least a draw. The only real positive (if you can call it that) is the fact that we haven't got another replay to clog up or fixture list, even though we fully deserved one.

The officials were an absolute joke as usual, and don't even start me on their so-called supporters who spent the entire game moaning. At least we shut em' up when we equalised Wink

Now we can concentrate on the important competition, the WSC lol! Or better still the league...

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2 Re: Kings Lynn - Today on Sun Nov 16 2014, 00:30

I echo the above.

A full blooded cup tie and a very exciting game to watch, we definitely deserved something, could possibly have won if we'd taken our chances, excellent goal for the equaliser after falling behind and we had the upper hand for a while but they looked the more dominant as the game wore on, Coleman's save from a follow up shot after the initial effort crashed off the underside of the bar was sensational. I don't think anyone wanted a replay but you don't want to lose either, to go out so late was a bitter pill, caught out at the back after an attack broke down, then Coleman gave away an obvious penalty, which he did well to save initially. And there was still time for Jon Ford to be dismissed from the technical area!

We have played worse than that and not lost this season, Smikle had a good game but we where stretched often at the back (so where kings Lynn!). A decent starting eleven but looking at the bench before the game, the only one who looked likely to be used was morgan-parker perhaps for a couple of minutes, which is how it turned out. Not sure how close some of the injured players are to returning but we will need more reinforcements (easier said than done I know) for the league campaign ahead.

Can’t change the result and it was still a good day overall, a cracking venue and quite an intimidating one, especially as there only about 18 away fans (that I saw) out of 547. With some of the “constructive criticism” raining down on our players from the side stand in the first half , I kept my counsel when we equalised and very unusually, I moved behind the goal in the second half .

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3 Re: Kings Lynn - Today on Sun Nov 16 2014, 16:55

Man of the Match voting was;

PAUL McCONE 7 votes

Drew Canavan & Jordan Fitzpatrick 2 each
George Bowerman & Dean Coleman 1 each

Winner of the wine STEVE SIDAWAY

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4 Re: Kings Lynn - Today on Tue Nov 18 2014, 11:36

Thought we deserved a replay and would rather be playing Kings Lynn tonight instead of Evesham.

A good end to end game with both teams creating chances. However we do seem nervous to pull the trigger when we have an opportunity to shoot. We need to stop thinking we can just walk the ball in.

One or two things to consider though. We seem to give their players far too much room between our midfield and defence. With Drew and Fitz in the middle there was no defensive midfielder to close people down. I know Gary was short on numbers but we really need to sort this out otherwise the defence is just going to get over run every match. When we play five in midfield we mainly play with a defensive midfielder. Also the depth of our bench was none existence. I know we have injuries and suspensions but if we are to make any in roads on progressing out of this league we need better back up than what we have. Does anybody really know how long Luke and Leon are out for because these two should have been replaced better.

I thought bringing Bowerman off and playing Josh up the middle just gave them a better chance at the back. If we are to play Josh we need to play him wide. Then he will get more time on the ball than in the middle and perhaps can use his pace better. Also think George at present is our best finisher therefore needing a goal should have stayed on.

Last thing why on earth did we use the long throw in the 88th minute when the keeper had claimed everything we put in the box basically. With Ex taking the throw in we were short at the back. We should have seen time out and got the replay. As it was keeper claimed the ball threw it out to their wide man and with a neat flick took two of our players out of play and it was three against two.

We need to learn from these situations.

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