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To Ben Billingham

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1 To Ben Billingham on Wed Nov 12 2014, 10:46

Hello Ben
You don't know me, I am one of literally hundreds of ordinary folk who have watched you play at Stour.
I have just read your Twitter message just on the club website, and since I am not on Twatter or what ever it's called I thought I would send a message via the forum.

Many years ago I had a real bad car smash and finished up with a shattered right ankle cos I stood on the brakes and the rest is history.
I saw you say how peed off you are and can sympathise with everything that you say.
But....don't give up son, you will never know how many people that you have never even spoken to are thinking about you and wishing you well.
I know you are on what looks like a long road to recovery, you might say too long a road, but you will get there and it will be worth while.
Remember the old saying, the darkest hour is just before dawn, so please try to stay as positive as you possibly can because as Bradley Walsh says on The Chase......we want you back here.

Good luck to you and all of your family
From a fan !

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2 Re: To Ben Billingham on Wed Nov 12 2014, 18:55

Echo the above .

Would be great to see Ben back in a red and white shirt and making defenders look silly.

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3 Re: To Ben Billingham on Wed Nov 12 2014, 20:52

Fully understood your first tweet on SFC, preferred your second tweet which I have just seen.
Way to go buddy !

I used to tell my kids " never underestimate the power of positive thought " and for what it is worth I pass the same sentiment to you.

All the best pal !

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4 Re: To Ben Billingham on Thu Jan 15 2015, 15:53

I have just seen the following Tweet  from Ben on the clubs website Twitter feed.......

"@SFCOfficial everyone who's concerned I've just had the all clear and op for pins out next week sometime! Cue the hard work"

So pleased for him......come on you Glassboy !!

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5 Re: To Ben Billingham on Fri Jan 16 2015, 13:00

Keep ya chin up Ben, yo will be back.

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6 Re: To Ben Billingham on Sat Apr 18 2015, 22:21

Is there any news in how Ben's getting on and how his recovery is going?

It'd be good to hear any news of his progress if anyone knows?

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7 Re: To Ben Billingham on Fri Apr 24 2015, 07:45

Bit of a late reply to this but i had a chat with Ben last sunday at the charity match,he is 6 weeks ahead of schedule but scar tissue is giving him a bit of gip when running(physio will sort that out) he is doing circuit training at the hospital and think most people know he has a personal trainer.

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8 Re: To Ben Billingham on Thu Jul 30 2015, 14:17

Hello again Ben

You may recall my post sometime ago concerning your "road to recovery".

So pleased for you when I read that you are now able to turn out for Cradley, you must feel so elated to finally be putting on a football kit and running on to the pitch.
I do hope your month with The Hammers goes well and I am really looking forward to cheering my little head off when you run out again for the mighty Glassboys !

C O Y Glassboy !!!!!  bounce bounce cheers cheers

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