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Halesowen Town on Boxing Day - should match be moved to Sat 27th instead?

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Aled wrote:Doodson Cup, it's what it's all about!

Maybe we should come to some agreement that we play an extra half hour after the 90 mins tonight to settle the league cup outcome to save everyone the inconvenience of a trip back up to Nantwich next week!

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IMO we'll get a better crowd for the Halesowen game on Boxing Day rather than the 27th or 28th regardless of when West Brom are playing.

Frankly, I can't see there being many problems - there weren't on any of the last 4 times we played them before their relegation other than the odd idiot which can happen in any game.

As for the Blyth situation, well I'll take a Sunday afternoon over a Tuesday night for that one whatever the dates involved.

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I don't care when the game is played, just as long as that brummie tart with the big gob dow turn up Wink

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