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Nantwich away on Tuesday.

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26 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Tue Oct 28 2014, 23:31


Was not at the game, but well done to everyone & hope you all have a safe journey home.

After these last 2 games I am actually looking forward to Saturday's game at Carlton cheers

27 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Tue Oct 28 2014, 23:52

That my friends was a real performance,a proper,committed,wholehearted and skilful effort and a masterclass in game management after Andre's sending off.

I can't comment on whether the red card was deserved because i missed the incident,i didn't miss their player's and bench surrounding the ref and squealing like little bitches at the easily lead ref though,perhaps we need to start matching this type of gamesmanship……….on second thoughts no,let's not,it's so girly and embarrassing.

Outstanding performances all over the park for us,Hales ran his nut's off and also delivered a fine finish,Bowerman's finish was rapier like,absolute quality as was Macca's header.

We defended like lion's,everyone pitched in,bodies on the line type stuff,last ditch tackles,the whole lot,the most committed away display i've seen in quite a while from us.

Two special mentions though.

Firstly Drew Canavan,our favourite "whipping boy" is excelling in the centre of midfield during this difficult time for the club,tonight's was a "Geddes" type display of crisp passing and probing and he was the driving force behind our attacking play,he almost got motm award from me again but that just had to go to Dean Coleman for me.

At times Dean get's stick,mainly for the odd indecisive moment but tonight he was top notch,his handling and taking of crosses was 100% perfect but his shot stopping was out of this world,a double save in the first half and his "one on one" stop in the second half were as good as any saves i've seen at any level this season,at the moment i don't think there's a better keeper at our level and maybe for a league or two above in the country,Dean's saves won the match for us tonight.

A good turn out by the fan's tonight in rubbish conditions,great to share the journey with our favourite "prodigal son" Nathan Gulliver,really nice to see him back amongst us,great company too from West Ham Ian,DY9 Paul and Baz,away days just wouldn't be the same without these guys and Neil,Jim,Bruce and all the rest.

Great result Stour,a really gutsy and enjoyable display,please keep it up.

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28 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 11:25


Everyone deserves an awful lot of credit for that win last night, it was an excellent performance. The players got it spot on and the management got it spot on. I'm gutted for Andre, I think he should be playing as it is, but to come in and then get sent off after 3 minutes was horrible. I didn't see the challenge, however, based on the reaction of their players I assume the players leg was hanging off. Which makes me question how quick a recovery he made. Chop Chop Ben! Laughing Rolling Eyes

After that, I did think it would be a long evening, and it turned out to be that way. I think we deserved to go in 1-0 up really. However, the 2nd and then 3rd were completely against the run of play. But you make your luck and we deserved to have the rub of the green for the efforts shown.

Early days, but I think Bowerman looks a class above. The reason I say this is that, to come in and not to have not trained with the lads, it wasn't an easy game to go into, he had 1 chance, and he scored. No messing about, 1 touch, goal. Hales again worked his socks off, and finished very well. We NEED to keep him for as long as we can.

Another plus point of the evening, and the last couple of games in general has been the emergence of the midfield 3. Will, Drew & Fitz have really stepped up to the mark. Personally, I was baffled as to why Jord wasn't playing anyway as he's played well this year. But he's got on with it, not sulked (too much Laughing) and is now reaping the rewards-(What a ball to Reece). However the revelation is Drew. He ain't a winger, however put him next to Jordan & then an anchor and he's showing what he really can do. As DA said, he does get stick a lot at times from some (when he doesn't deserve it) however, I don't think anyone who has saw the last 3 games would have a gripe with him playing now. Keep it up Drew. Very Happy

Macca is Macca. Effortlessly immense. To think some were questioning his signing. Wink Rolling Eyes However, I also feel Kristian looks an awful lot more settled next to him. He's physically exactly what you need however at times-(Trafford away for example)-he's been a bit shaky. He didn't put a foot wrong last night, everything went out when it went to him, he personified the effort shown by them all last night. It was really gutsy stuff.

Deano was excellent again. We know he's a good keeper, however at times recenetly he's made some stunning saves. One like Drew who's really stepping up when needed.

I thought the management got the changes spot on last night, but the biggest call was the lack of change. I was amazed we didn't take Drew or Fitz off for Kalenda and keep Will in midfield however we made the bold move to keep those 2 in CM and it paid off. They both gave us an out ball, and it was spot on by the manager. Very Happy

Yes, we should be beating these teams, however it's 3 out of 3 now, it all looks a bit rosier, doesn't it? With players to come back from injury as well, there is suddenly genuine competion in the team.

I'm struggling to get there Saturday, so if a lift became available, I'd be more than grateful. I can go on the train if need be, however. Very Happy

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29 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 15:37

I was covering last night's game for 102.5 The Bridge from the press box which was elevated, and right in front of where the incident occured.
It was a 50-50 challenge, both players got feet on the ball you could hear it, yet the home player went down like he had a broken leg, although he was probably in some pain but not Andre's fault.
The Nantwich players over-reacted, though you sometimes get that in these situations, and certainly the ref seemed to be swayed by them which was wrong. He should have consulted the linesman who was close to the incident.
In my opinion it wasn't even a booking, especially in those wet conditions, that early in the game.
On another note, great to travel on the coach, thanks to Gordon, Clive, Nigel and Gary for the usual warm welcome. And it was a great night for the club with a fine battling performance and some great camaraderie as well bringing supporters, officials, players and management together. What it should all be about in my opinion.

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30 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 16:36

Man of the Match voting was;

The Team 6
Dean 4
George 3

Winner of the wine was SIMON BROADHEAD.

Thanks to all who took part.

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31 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 16:47

Brian Handy wrote:Man of the Match voting was;

The Team  6
Dean 4
George 3

Winner of the wine was SIMON BROADHEAD.

Thanks to all who took part.

No votes for Baz Brian for his constant berating of their goalie? Laughing

Great to see him back on form,opposing keepers have been getting off far too lightly this season Mad

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32 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 16:58

These northern goalkeepers don't seem to have a sense of humour so thought would exploit it!

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33 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 17:09

Cant really add much to the others great reviews. It was another extremely enjoyable Tuesday evening game and there was much relief on the final whistle. I think we deserved the victory although the end was tense. Also got to say poor Andre. Rolling Eyes ,

Baz - you were hilarious, it was like the good old days versus Leamo and Halesowen Very Happy Laughing

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34 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 17:17

Thank you Jane but was not just Halesowen and Leamington lol

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35 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 17:22

That is true..... Wink

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36 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Wed Oct 29 2014, 17:51

baz wrote: Halesowen and Leamington lol

Baz, you know very well not to use swear words on here anymore lol!

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37 Re: Nantwich away on Tuesday. on Thu Oct 30 2014, 19:14

Thoroughly enjoyed the match. Well done to the players & management for their efforts.

Andre's tackle was what I would call a committed 50:50 challenge. Barely warranted a yellow in my opinion, unfortunately their player came off slightly worse even though both got a piece of the ball. As others have commented, their bench & players went wild and swayed the ref unfortunately.

After that I thought it would be back to the wall for 87 minutes but it never turned out to be like that.

Three very well taken goals, and for the most part excellent defending. Not much we could have done about their second - bit of a screamer - so no complaints there. Dean is enjoying his best form since he signed in my opinion, right when we need it most.

Think Drew and Fitz are excelling at the moment and are probably revelling in the increased expectations of them.

For a team still rebuilding and moving on after recent injuries, departures etc. to win three league games on the bounce is brilliant.

Hopefully we can continue to build on this in November.

Great support from the fans of both sides. Hoping to make it to Carlton on Saturday.

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