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26 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 19:11


I really for the life of me cannot see the relevance in how your mates reacted. What impact does that have on the Stour lads? And the fans for that matter. Seeing grown men nearly being sick, and hearing a lad of 26 crying out in pain is horrific. I could cry thinking about it Ethan. I really don't see the point in those comments almost trying to put it into perspective. What is the point? It achieves absolutely nothing. Evil or Very Mad

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27 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 19:24

My instinct is to empathise with people who may have found an incident too distressing to continue with something as trivial as playing football. If you feel the need to question a post that is based on caring for others feelings then go ahead. Rolling Eyes

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28 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 19:25

Hope you have a speedy recovery Ben. Not at the match today but people's reactions illustrate the severity. Ok, we're not having a great season but let's put everything into perspective. I think this is one match where we don't need to psycho-analyse the performance.

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29 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 19:25

Jack wrote:I really for the life of me cannot see the relevance in how your mates reacted. What impact does that have on the Stour lads? And the fans for that matter. Seeing grown men nearly being sick, and hearing a lad of 26 crying out in pain is horrific. I could cry thinking about it Ethan. I really don't see the point in those comments almost trying to put it into perspective. What is the point? It achieves absolutely nothing. Evil or Very Mad

I'm not for one second making light of the injury to Ben nor am I saying that it's not sickening.
I'm saying that needing counselling for witnessing a broken ankle seems way over the top.

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30 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 19:43

Where to start!? Mad

Utterly disastrous day in so many ways and symptomatic of the way the club is imploding at the moment.

I was on the far side of the pitch and thankfully didn't witness at close hand Ben's injury which people like Richard Clark and Jack assured me was enough to make your blood run cold,horrific doesn't do it justice.

I do think though that abandoning the game was not called for,our player's certainly didn't seem to let this terrible accident distract them,the actual result is down to a couple of stupid individual errors but more so down to some of the most ridiculous and inept managerial decisions it's ever been my misfortune to witness during and before a game.

Ben had tweeted before the game that he was "absolutely fuming" although he didn't say about what,i had been told half an hour earlier what had so upset him and i can hardly say i blame him.

Relieving him of the captaincy and handing it straight back to the returning McCone is breathtaking in it's ineptness,no wonder Ben and probably our most respected other player were so angry,i'm amazed Ben even bothered to play,a pity he didn't do a "Geddes" and sit it out,he'd still be intact tonight if he had but such is his loyalty to Stour he did play and what a cruel twist that turned out to be.

I'm not interested in hearing any club "spin" about the captaincy fiasco,in my ( and everyone else's opinion out of those i spoke to ) it's a disgrace and this is mean't as no reflection on Macca,others should hold their head's in shame.Macca may well be the best captain in the long run but Ben deserves better than the shoddy way he's been treated.

I hope someone at the club has the decency to arrange a collection for Ben at the next home game or maybe at the home match at Xmas with Halesowen,if the club won't do it then we the fan's will!

As far as the match goes,the players gave everything,i have no complaint's about the effort,alas the same cannot be said for the "game plan" and the substitutions,the subbing of Louis Harris was mind numbing,i'm not surprised he headed straight for the changing rooms.

If i was Peter Till i'd head for the exit door,unless he had an injury the subbing of him was another poor decision,his replacement,the new French lad didn't seem to have a clue what the job he was given entailed.

As for Benbow,what an utter disaster,if you have to come on that heavily strapped up them you shouldn't be anywhere near a pitch let alone doing the warm up's and half time @rsing around with your mates.

In my opinion it's time for a major re-think,everyone from the top downwards at the club needs to get together and sort this out,the good work over many years is starting to fall apart,we who do the hard yards travelling and watching the team can see and feel this,it's time for those who have the ability to do something about it realised too.

We are dropping like a stone,we are closer to relegation than to the top 5 so let's put a stop to the rot that has set in.

A final word about Ben,just to say that absolutely everyone i spoke to today is 100% with you Ben,in all ways on and off the pitch,take your time,get yourself fit and well and we'll look forward to seeing you next season,best wishes to your mum and dad too.

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31 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 19:54

Top stuff devil, I've seen this coming for months.

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32 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 20:22

Superb post Devil.
I thought it was gunna be a perfect day to bury bad news.

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33 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 20:25

message from ben:

Ben wrote:seriously overwhelmed with the support and the get well soon wishes! Dislocated and 2 fractures to my ankle! Devestated is a understatment! Operation hopefully tommorow if not im being moved back to russells hall and have it there, but seriously people thanks for all your kind words! i will be back stronger.

he's resting well in hospital now. will try to update you all tommorow.

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34 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 20:31

Ploptops wrote:message from ben:

Ben wrote:seriously overwhelmed with the support and the get well soon wishes! Dislocated and 2 fractures to my ankle! Devestated is a understatment! Operation hopefully tommorow if not im being moved back to russells hall and have it there, but seriously people thanks for all your kind words! i will be back stronger.

he's resting well in hospital now. will try to update you all tommorow.

Good to hear from Ben - its just so sad that we are in this position at all. Sad

Please keep us posted. Take care

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35 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 20:33

We wish you a speedy recovery mate! Lots of love from the Geddes/tudor house!

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36 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 21:08

Hope the baggies put a smile on yer face Monday night.failing that ask one of the nice nurses to give you a personal bed bath

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37 Re: Matlock on Sat Oct 18 2014, 21:55

Not for the first time recently a reminder that football is only a game, all the very best to Ben Billingham in a speedy recovery, I couldn't really see much from the far side, just as well by the sounds of it.

With the injury, the performance, and finishing with 8 men, this was the most dispiriting day i've had watching Stourbridge. The first half was close affair, their opening goal went in exactly the gap I thought it might, good equaliser but poor defending from Matlock. The second half we struggled with 11 players, didn't have a good view of the Fitzpatrick red card but was told it was merited, Richards was clear cut pulling the striker down in the box. I have to question Benbow playing considering he stated at Blaby he was out for a minimum of another four weeks, today was only three and he lasted 10 minutes, it smacked of desperation to put him on. Knight
had another good game I thought but overall it was dreadful.

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38 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 07:46

First and foremost, my thoughts are with Ben and with his family. What they all went through yesterday does not bear thinking about. No mother should have to find out about her son suffering something like that through social media and I feel mortified about that. She must have been frantic with worry and you can't imagine what the journey up must have been like for them. And a word for Leon, too, who went in the ambulance with Ben and must have been beside himself to see one of his mates in such a bad way. I bow to nobody in my general admiration for Leon - yesterday it went up another little notch, if that was possible.

I spoke to Andy P late last night and what he told me about the way Ben was when they got him into the ambulance made my blood curdle for the second time yesterday. There are injuries and there are injuries. It's too easy to use sensational words sometimes, but this truly was horrific and I never, ever want to see or hear anything like it ever again.

Huge praise to Rich Drewitt and the medical people from Matlock who looked after Ben on the pitch. After probably a couple of minutes I had to take myself away and go and sit down by the clubhouse so I didn't see a lot of what was going on, but to be able to get Ben off the pitch and into the ambulance so quickly after what had happened was remarkable. I'm no medical man by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact that it was at least 20 minutes, if not 30, between Ben going into the ambulance and the ambulance leaving the ground probably says a lot about Ben's physical and mental state at the time.

Footballers are all different - I've no doubt some are in it for the money, some because of the buzz of winning, some for the the fame and all the trappings. I've always got the impression that Ben just loves kicking a ball around, and the possible implications of yesterday are just too devastating to contemplate.

As for whether the game should have carried on, before yesterday I would have put myself more in TT's "yes" camp. Once a player has been moved off the pitch I've always thought there should be no reason not to just get on with it. I feel differently now. I don't remember any of the rest of the first half apart from Fitz's goal, and even that's very sketchy. I was close to tears for a long time, in a cold sweat and feeling physically sick for at least 20 minutes (and I know I wasn't alone), and had no appetite to watch football at all. Perhaps that makes me a bit of a "wimp", I don't know, but these things go right through you sometimes and that's the way it is with me.

How the players of both sides carried on I do not know - ours because it was one of their mates, Matlock's because some of them had been much closer to the incident and were visibly affected by it - but it did strike me that there didn't seem to be any huge debate or argument unless I missed that in my "haze." On that basis maybe it was justifiable, if not "right" or "wrong." The fact that Ben was moved so quickly probably helped - you hear of half-hour delays where players get cold and muscles stiffen up and then you can understand why restarting becomes more of an issue. In practical terms yesterday it was only like having two half times. From what I gather, I also think most of our players were sensibly kept well away from the scene so perhaps were shielded from the seriousness of it.

The other thing I wanted to mention, because not everybody will be aware of it, is the number of messages of support and sympathy I've had on twitter for Ben. Not just from Stour supporters (there have been plenty) but from Matlock, Lye, Halesowen, Rushall, Leamington, Shildon (again, plenty), Redditch, Ilkeston, Trafford, Biggleswade, Weymouth and possibly others I've missed. It's actually been quite overwhelming and heartwarming.

As for the match, I wouldn't comment even if I wanted to. It meant, and still means, nothing in the context of everything else.

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39 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 08:16

Wish Ben all the best in his recovery.

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40 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 09:43


Had a message off Ben's mom.... He is a in a little pain however he has now gone in for surgery.

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41 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 09:59

Can't get Ben out of my head - hope all goes well in surgery.

TRM - your post nearly made me cry and certainly Jack's thoughts have echoed yours - I know you were near each other. Having read your comments, I just wanted to clarify what I meant by the club ensuring counseling could be available. I do nt mean 10 sessions on a black couch in a darkened room. I mean an opportunity for people like Richard, Leon and others who would have seen a friend in an extremely distressing way and a part of his body not looking anything like it should bring able to offload to someone without being made to feel like a wuss.

Maybe it's just the maternal side of me. I have been in contact with Bens mom and as a mom my heart goes out to her to fond out on social media. I gather the club tried to ring her so I am in no way criticising the club.

As DA indicated a collection of some sort is a must I feel.

It's also very touching how many other clubs have offered their support.

Jack will keep us posted on here if asked.

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42 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 11:34

I'd like to commend TRM on his post,it was a powerful and emotional piece and extremely well written.

I had the good fortune not to be anywhere close to the incident in which Ben was injured,minutes beforehand i had moved from a spot that would've seen me looking directly down at it.

I know from speaking to TRM, and to others who were in close proximity whilst i was at the game yesterday,just how affected they were by what they'd seen,in hindsight i think it may well have been a better idea to abandon the game,my initial thoughts were that players hadn't been affected but on second thoughts it's hard to believe they could've just pushed this one to the back of their mind's.

I mentioned on another post a couple of weeks ago about how hard it is for non league players to get proper rehabilitation from serious injuries,Rocky and Wurzel were my subject matter,they never returned to their former level and a large part of that is the lack of proper and consistent rehab once they had finally had their operation's,the operations themselves often only taking place months after an injury due to being done through the NHS rather than on private club insurance.

This type of injury of Ben's is thankfully so rare and so awful that no expense must be spared in getting him back to full health,i want to hear a statement from the club regarding his rehabilitation and i want them to say that every penny of his required physiotherapy will be covered by the club.

I also think that it would do the club great credit to immediately extend his contract for a further year immediately,this lad has been horribly injured on "active service" for our club,a club he's been VERY loyal to over a long period,i'd like the club to show some class and extend that contract this coming week.

I mentioned a collection last night,this is an absolute must but i think there should also be a collection bin left out at every home match so fans can drop something in for Ben at any point they feel they wan't to.

I must admit that like TRM and others have said already,yesterday really affected me,especially late last night,it must have been 2.30am before i dropped off to sleep and then i dreamt about the whole thing over again,i couldn't get the lad out of my mind.

I really hope Ben's operation has gone well and that he's already on the road to a full recovery and that we see him twisting opposition full backs inside out by this time next year,in the meantime i know us fan's will do what we can to help and i really hope the club pulls out all the stops to support him financially.

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43 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 11:43

I can't comment on the game, thankfully, I wasn't there. From twitter and texts, it seems everything that could go wrong, did go wrong yesterday. To hear of the captaincy issue first of all, was another bizarre twist in the Stour FC tale of late.

Obviously, I'm not privy to what went on, it may be that McCone is better suited to the captaincy, it appears that's the view of the management. However, there are ways and means of going about it, and it seems yesterday, they got it wrong. No disrespect to McCone, but to hand it to him, on his second return to the club, presumably so close to kick off judging by Bens twitter comment, is shocking.

I can't comment on the reasons, that's for Gary and co to know. But from an 'outside' perspective, it clearly wasn't handled very well, leaving Ben, current captain, and one of the finest players I've ever seen play for Stourbridge feeling angry and upset.

Of course, even that faded into insignificance when the news came of his injury. I was gutted, not only because it's a bad injury for any player, or even that it's one of the best players in this league, but also because, from what little I know about him on a personal level, he seems a proper nice bloke to boot. I wish him all the best, and hope to see him in a Stour shirt again one day.

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44 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 12:14


Ben put on Facebook that he wanted to become a llama and be 'saft' with them at home games. Now whatever your opinion on the 'llamas', this shows one thing and one thing only. Ben is Stour through and through. And despite having great reason to through a paddy and not play, he did. Not only did he play but he put his body on the line when he could have just coasted through. He lost the ball and went after it. Quite why he went in 2 footed i don't know, Laughing but he did. When others would have simply accepted defeat.

It was for me, the darkest and lowest day of my life in a footballing sense. I never thought leaving Old Trafford after seeing Liverpool put 4 past us could be topped. This went far and above that, to finish the game with 8 men was laughable in a way.

Our season for me, is over. We simply won't get anywhere near the play offs with the squad we now have got. Luke clearly isn't ready and I can't see it getting any better any time soon. Ben is out for the season now you would imagine and Geddes has left. We need to now scrap some of the players who aren't good enough-which there are quite a few-and build a team for next season. That includes Gary Hackett as manager. If we finish 15th, 13th or 9th it doesn't matter for me. We need to give younger lads the experience they need. If playing Josh means we don't score 3 goals a game, so be it. He and us will be much better for it.

We need to get a plan in place as soon as possible about HOW this new team is going to line-up. We need to stick to a formation and play it. For me, it would be 4-4-2. Macca is the only real captain in the team for me, as in his presence and authority. I don't think anyone would have an issue with him being captain if it was done in the right way. You now give him or Leon the armband and build a new team with the aim of going up next year. We do have the foundations of a very good team despite the doom and gloom. Macca is an excellent Centre Back, one of the best at this level. In Will and Knighty we have two very capable young defenders. In midfield we have Harris who personally I think is one of our most important players. Ben IS still a Stour player, hopefully he comes back from this with the same hunger he always has and in Luke we have a talented player who can go as far as he wants too.

A successful season for me now would be a run in the cups, showing clear signs of progression in the playing staff and the development of the club and the double over Halesowen. I think we all expected this season to be slightly tough, and it has for whatever reason proved that way. However, we will bounce back from this.

All thoughts about Ben echoed here. We need to do stuff for him and I've already had inboxes off people asking how they can help out in any way. It will never leave me I don't think. Nor seeing Richard's face sat down. It was a horrific incident that no-one deserved to witness, yet alone Ben be part of.

As for the game, I can't really say I care. Yeah there where a few odd subs but quite frankly if I was Gary or Fordy I could understand them being emotionally shot after carrying a lad who they've put so much time and effort into becoming a top player for us. We are all human at the end of the day.

The final word from me though has to be a massive thanks and well done to all the medical staff at the ground yesterday, the way everyone reacted as quickly as they did was superb and it really was a team effort, from seeing Clive and Andy rushing to to find a 'blue bag' to myself holding Andy's pie. cheers Which btw were excellent! Laughing

Horrible day, but Stourbridge FC and Ben Billingham will come back from it.

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45 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 12:30

I'd just like to echo the comments of everybody else on here and wish Ben all the best in his recovery. It sounds like an horrendous day all round. Ben and his family are some of the nicest people ever to be associated with the club and lets hope they will be around the club for many more years to come. They follow Ben everywhere,not just in support for their son but in support of Stour full stop.

In Ben and Leon and their respective families, we have the last two players remaining at the club from the Stourbridge as we know it,if that makes any sense. I'm sure it does. With the gradual break up of the squad over the last couple of seasons, the likes of Lewis Solly, Rocky, Rowey, Wurzel, Slates,Paul Lloyd,James Dyson,Ryan Mahon,Sam Smith,Nathan Bennett, the club seems to have lost its identity and lost its soul somewhat. I long for those days again. The sense of togetherness which made our club unique in many ways seems to have been lost forever.

Good luck Ben, and well done Leon.

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46 Re: Matlock on Sun Oct 19 2014, 15:11

Thank you TRM for your post. You put into words exactly how I felt.

My thoughts & prayers are with Ben for a speedy and full recovery, best wishes mate.

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47 Re: Matlock on Mon Oct 20 2014, 17:20

I have had a message from Alison - Bens mom. She wanted you all to know that Ben is now home. He is in considerable pain but is hoping this will ease in the next few days. Obviously they are just relieved he is back home.

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48 Re: Matlock on Mon Oct 20 2014, 17:35

Jane.N wrote:I have had a message from Alison - Bens mom. She wanted you all to know that Ben is now home. He is in considerable pain but is hoping this will ease in the next few days. Obviously they are just relieved he is back home.

Fantastic news Jane,thanks for the update.

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49 Re: Matlock on Mon Oct 20 2014, 17:47

Pleased that Ben is back home and with his family.
Hope & pray he makes a good and full recovery,

From an average fan on the terraces....come on you Glassboy !!

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50 Re: Matlock on Mon Oct 20 2014, 21:39

First of all, best wishes to Ben.
I couldn't get to the match on Saturday, so i won't make any comment on that.  As regards abandoning the match after the injury to Ben, about 10-12 years ago this happened at Stourbridge, i can't remember who we were playing  but about 5 minutes after half time, the oppositions sub who had come on at half time had a similar type of injury to Bens.  After a delay of about quarter of an hour and the lad being treated, it was decided to abandon the match.  It was horrible hearing the lad crying out for his mother and nobody felt like carrying on.

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