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Ben Billingham.

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1 Ben Billingham. on Wed Oct 01 2014, 00:36

During the last two matches v Blaby in the FA Cup it's fair to say as a team we haven't been at our best,we've played in patches but overall the level of performance has not been good.

What has been apparent to me though is the undoubted quality of Ben,in both matches he has been head and shoulders above every other player on the pitch,for me personally he's worth the admission money on his own most matches,he brings a level of quality few in this division can match and i suspect he's plenty good enough to be playing in the Conference Premier at least,i see league players who are not fit to lace his boots.

I've followed Stour since the 1974-75 season,watching that side set the bar as high as is possible for a Stour side and although that was a great 11 Ben would walk into that side in my opinion,few others i've watched in the 40 years since would,Nathan Bennett and Chris Jones spring to mind but Ben is the standout talent in pure ability terms over that 40 years.

I'm both amazed and delighted that he's still with us and i hope we get another 10 years out of him.

I do hope he realises just how highly he is regarded by a huge majority of Stourbridge fan's and just how much pleasure his ability brings people like myself.

One day he'll be gone,hopefully due to retirement in his late 30's rather than to another side but whenever that day is it will be a sad one.

As a now middle aged fan i can offer our younger generation a small piece of advice,enjoy Ben while you can,it will be many years,possible a generation before you witness a local lad of such ability gracing the Stourbridge side.

Sometimes i wonder if people around the club,fan's and management alike,actually appreciate what a fantastic player we have in Ben.

Long may he remain a Glassboy and i for one would like to thank him for the last few years of pleasure watching him has given me.

The fact he's an Albion fan is an added bonus Laughing

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2 Re: Ben Billingham. on Wed Oct 01 2014, 07:09

Good post DA totally agree with your post.

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3 Re: Ben Billingham. on Wed Oct 01 2014, 19:31

Plus Ben got me into the vip section of a club in Worcester last Christmas.... top bloke.

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