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Black Country Run

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1 Black Country Run on Thu Sep 18 2014, 20:13

Just popped on the yeltz forum and looks like a few of their fans are doin this run Sunday,which starts in Halesowen,i have entered it as well and they gonna do it in their yeltz tops so gonna do it in my stour top,we could have a friendly wager if they up for it? As we know the yeltz love our forum so i will check theirs over next few days to check if they up for it?

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2 Re: Black Country Run on Sun Sep 28 2014, 20:27

Hi Baz
Did you do the run ?
I ask cos my son was running and I only saw one Stour shirt come round in Somers Square, and I shouted "come on Stour" and the guy turned round and waved.
It was a lovely Sunday morning !
If it was you I hope you had a lovely morning too.

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3 Re: Black Country Run on Mon Sep 29 2014, 13:20

It was me,i do remember someone shouting and i only gave a quick glance as was a bit knackered lol so i still dont know who you are

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4 Re: Black Country Run on Mon Sep 29 2014, 22:37

You did look as though you had given it your all so very well done for having a go.
Bet you ached for a few days after.
Not sure if I will be able to get to the game tomorrow but will be doing my best to get there.
I am sure we will meet up eventually.

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5 Re: Black Country Run on Mon Sep 29 2014, 23:59

It was a warm day and a tough course,is yur son doin kinver 10km sunday? That is tough! Yeh i am always in the shed with the alleged troublemakers lol

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6 Re: Black Country Run on Tue Sep 30 2014, 14:06

He hasn't said anything about Kinver, possibly because me and Mrs OC will be away next week end anyway.
I do know he is getting into shape for the Birmingham Half Marathon on 19th Oct so maybe not risking a 10k so close to that.

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7 Re: Black Country Run on Tue Sep 30 2014, 16:52

Done the Brum half a few times,nice course,make sure your lad gets there early as parking a nitemare! Doin Mudrunner that day at Eastnor Castle,might see you tonight?

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8 Re: Black Country Run on Tue Sep 30 2014, 17:25

I'll be there tonight !

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