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Your prediction's for season 2014-2015.

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1 Your prediction's for season 2014-2015. on Wed Aug 13 2014, 16:31

I have a strong feeling that we have once again entered a new season one quality,proven striker short of what is required and with Benbow's injury we may well be left extremely exposed up front.

I'm not confident of mounting any sort of challenge this year and i think that on a few occasions that journey up the M6 will prove to be a real pain in the ass for team and supporter's alike.

There are some decent sized clubs in this division who attract very strong gates and who have good playing budget's and overall,i expect this to be a tougher challenge than the Southern League,we also have the added dimension of the strong local rivalry once again.

With no further striking addition's to the squad i'm going for an 8th place finish.

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Think we could struggle in this league not knowing what to expect.

Would have to agree with DA over a striker and we don't seemed to have tried a different options in pre season.

However good luck to Gary, management and players and will support you all through the season.

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There are plenty of unknowns this season which will make it tough but that works both ways too. I'm thoroughly looking forward to the season.

I reckon, from what little I know of the league, that it will be competitive but I think we can still challenge for high finish and on that basis I'll stick my neck out for 5th.

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Not even kicked off yet and the negativity has started!  Mad 

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At long last I feel I am not alone concerning the negativity of others.

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glassboypaul wrote:Not even kicked off yet and the negativity has started!  Mad 

Negativity or just being honest and realistic???

I say 12th.

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Dont like predicting things but Gary has shown faith in the players we have,so time for them to deliver.

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Don't think what has been said is negative comments in anyway.

As said it is just what people opinions are.

I hope we win the league but I think that may be harder to do in the Northern than the Southern league. That's an opinion.

What ever I think will not stop me from supporting the team home and away this season.

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With the current squad: 9th
A quality striker: Play offs

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10 Re: Your prediction's for season 2014-2015. on Sat Aug 16 2014, 00:09

Useless at predictions usually but hoping for roughly what we got last season. May take a while to acclimatise maybe? Who knows. It's a huge unknown going into a totally new league. I'm looking forward to it so I'll just see how we go.

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11 Re: Your prediction's for season 2014-2015. on Sat Aug 16 2014, 08:37

7th or 11th dependant on tactical nous and an additional quality striker.

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12 Re: Your prediction's for season 2014-2015. on Sat Aug 16 2014, 08:42

Stoursi,your comments aren't negative.You are(quite rightly acknowledging)that Ben is one of our best players and offering an opinion regarding how you think he could improve his/and the teams performances.

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13 Re: Your prediction's for season 2014-2015. on Sat Aug 16 2014, 09:12

I see no reason why we shouldn't still be looking at the play offs at least. I'll go for 3rd, FCUM to win it.

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14 Re: Your prediction's for season 2014-2015. on Sat Aug 16 2014, 19:31

Personally I don't believe there's any great difference in the standard of the two leagues. and I'll be disappointed if we don't at least make the play-offs.

The midweek aways are a lot more sensible than last season's (Belper, Ilkeston, Witton and Nantwich are a damn sight shorter journeys than Hungerford, Biggleswade and Burnham!) and we're getting two of the four really long away journeys out of the way before the end of August.

So quietly confident.

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15 Re: Your prediction's for season 2014-2015. on Sun Aug 17 2014, 12:29


I will be happy with any position as long as it's in the top half of the table.

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