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Celebrities you though were dead.

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26 Re: Celebrities you though were dead. on Thu Oct 16 2014, 17:17

Nath wrote:Cheers DA, I'm fully internetted up again now. I'll make a return very soon I promise. I've done a couple of aways with Stour and a few Albion but you know my heart is at Amblecote and really looking forward to getting back into it. My long flowing locks (all be it a bit greyer!) are back now so no need for a haircut of any description,infact I haven't had a cut since April!

I'll be travelling to Belper on Tuesday Nath so let me know if you want to jump in.

Get my number of Jimbo and text me.

Might be going to Matlock as well if you fancy that but not sure yet for certain.

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