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West Brom - BSC

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26 Re: West Brom - BSC on Thu Feb 20 2014, 17:18

brockmoor wrote:Same old story of midfielders not tracking runners if you ask me. One quick turn and short run and through ball and suddenly its 3 vs 1.

Life really is much easier if your hustling & getting behind the ball when you dont have the 'ball'. Far to many times our defence has been outnumbered by opposition midfielders 'running on' simply because not enough of our players track back.

Saying all that, its a catch 22 situation. If we leave players up field we score goals, and we wouldnt have got 80 odd goals that we have now I guess!  Shocked 

I agree about the tracking back Neil,it's a much discussed point amongst you and I and the rest of the fan's we meet up with at the games.

It's another reason I feel that the club should be investing in videoing of the games,surely this would help any manager and coach of any club?

Once your weaknesses can be pointed out to you and proven to you you then have no excuse not to improve in the tactical and work rate departments.

I know that it requires someone to do the filming but i would gladly provide the equipment if someone would do the filming OR if the club would pay someone to do the filming if no volunteer is forthcoming.

I find it frustrating that we are lagging behind in this vital area along with our lack of a weights and training room.

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27 Re: West Brom - BSC on Fri Feb 21 2014, 16:11

Interestingly , according to tonight's E & S the most viewed video on thei r web site is the 'superb build up play by albion' ' 'leads to a well crafted goal against Stourbridge,.

Depressingly, in the same edition there is no write up of our game against Hemel.

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28 Re: West Brom - BSC on Fri Feb 21 2014, 16:33

Hemel's manager must have watched it 100 times looking for hints!

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