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Evesham - WSC

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1 Evesham - WSC on Mon Feb 03 2014, 07:58

Anyone coming to this game? I know certain forum members won't be attending Wink

Not sure what sort of squad we will play, it's a bit stretched at the moment to be able to field a radically different team. I think Canavan is unavailable (holiday) but not sure on any other absentees we have.

Assume Richards will return at the back.

There's a chance of a start too for usual bench occupants Fitz, Rocky and Knight.

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2 Re: Evesham - WSC on Mon Feb 03 2014, 12:28

Would be nice to see a few youth team players given a run out,but they got a match wednesday.

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3 Re: Evesham - WSC on Mon Feb 03 2014, 13:39

Would think Gary wants to win the competition again therefore I don't see him fielding many youth players.

Agree playing the guys on the bench for a full 90 minutes and would include Tye in that as he seems to be appearing on the bench most weeks.

Would also play young Ben at the back after his display on Saturday

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4 Re: Evesham - WSC on Mon Feb 03 2014, 14:04

Would i be correct in saying that the team has won this competition on 3 previous ocassions.

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5 Re: Evesham - WSC on Mon Feb 03 2014, 14:43

rasam wrote:Would i be correct in saying that the team has won this competition on 3 previous ocassions.

Make that 12 previous occasions Smile

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6 Re: Evesham - WSC on Mon Feb 03 2014, 16:39

rasam wrote:Would i be correct in saying that the team has won this competition on 3 previous ocassions.

Won it for the last three years, which I guess is what you meant. Not counted how many times we've won it altogether so I expect Stourboy is correct.

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7 Re: Evesham - WSC on Mon Feb 03 2014, 17:15

Many thanks for the information

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8 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 12:26

Rain and strong winds predicted for tonight so let's hope the game is on and we can get through 90 minutes without any problems.

It would be nice to see a couple of youngsters given a chance.

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9 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 12:42

Might be wrong but I doubt there will be many changes beyond giving the lads who have been on the bench recently a 90 minute run. Agree that it would be nice to see Sam Tye start. Not seen a lot of him but it looks like the management are keen to involve him. Would be good to see Murphy get 30 mins or so from the bench as well. Probably depends on how the game is going, though. I know some people knock this cup but a home tie against a lower-level opponent to effectively ensure the season is alive to the death come what may is worth taking seriously to me

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10 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 13:18

Won't be there due to working late but will provide updates on here if anyone is tweeting / texting.

Agree with TRM entirely; it's not like we can ring the changes too much given the absentees but I imagine (and hope) that all the 'fringe' players will get a run out, and it also gives a chance to Birch, Sansara etc to bed themselves in further.

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11 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 21:13

1-0 Berwick

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12 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 21:13

2-0 Fitzpatrick

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13 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 21:16


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14 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 21:27


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15 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 21:43

FT 2-2. Extra time to be played.

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16 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 21:47


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17 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 21:54

Stour missed penalty

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18 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 22:18

FT 2-3

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19 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 22:40


We coasted through the first half & went in 2-0 up. We played a poor Evesham side off the park for 45 minutes. However we never came out for second half (again) and were simply awful until the last ten minutes of normal time when it had gone 2-2.

Once again we are consistent with our inconsistency. This is not game to game, but half by half!

What has happened to Sansara? Where are the driving runs forward that we saw in the first two games? I would hazard a guess our coaching staff has put a stop to it! I reckon our coaching team could 'train' the skill out of Ronaldo, Messi & Mata within a few weeks.  Wink

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20 Re: Evesham - WSC on Tue Feb 04 2014, 23:24

Decent first half,nice finish by Tommy Berwick even though he was three yards offside he took the chance well,good strike by Fitz and the only question was "how many"..?

As soon as they scored ( great strike by the way ) i said to Brock,Baz and Andy that we'd lose 3-2,it just had that feel about it.

Chatting with Gedd's mate Alan we both felt he'd miss the pen,it was just one of those nights.

What a shame though that in a pointless match in the most "tin pot" competition on earth that young Murphy couldn't be given a run out.

Discussing the issue of the youth team with many of the other lads tonight the general consensus is that it's pointless having one,these lads are just not being given the opportunity to break through which is a shame,it's exactly what the Senior cup competitions and RedInsure cup ( if entered ) should be used for.

Decent first half like i said previously but followed by an abject second half and a poor extra period.

I gave Fitz man on the match.

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21 Re: Evesham - WSC on Wed Feb 05 2014, 00:29

A competition I thought we could do without given the extra league games and having pulled out of the league cup, but it was the manner of the defeat as much as anything that was disappointing.

The first half was very comfortable with a great strike from Fitzpatrick, it seemed a straight forward win was on the cards, but for the last 75 minutes we where mostly on the back foot and Evesham seemed to want it more, the pass and finish for their first goal was top drawer. Their keeper made some fine saves towards the end and with the penalty, Geddes was due to fail form the spot! Thought Coleman was fortunate not to be sent off for their penalty, although brainless red card for their no 14, booked for time wasting and a shirt tug within a couple of minutes.

Coleman made some fine saves towards the end of extra time to prevent more goals but I am becoming increasingly concerned about his overall performances, although it has been shaky in front of him as well. Certainly an entertaining game in atrocious conditions, feel Murphy should have played some part, hes looked fairly good in some youth team games i've seen.

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22 Re: Evesham - WSC on Wed Feb 05 2014, 12:55

Things were looking okay at half time. Two good strikes however i did expect the flag to go up and give Tom offside.

What actually happened in that dressing room again at half time to give us a performance like we got. We ususallly get 10/15 minutes when we are slow to start but that second half and extra time must be one of the worst displays this season.

Obviously Evesham wanted more than us. A team from a league below and not doing that well either really showed us up.

Agree about Sansara not making forward moves but more worring was the way their nmber 7 went past him with easy and on numerous times in that second half. We even brought on francis to assist but that didn't seem to work either.

Dean getting caught out by the first goal. Yes he did make some good saves but at times he was awful. Doesn't command his area well enough and was unsure when to play the sweeper role.

Their number 9 who second half started to play between our midfield and defence turning with the ball and attacking our defence. No one from midfield taking the time to make sure he was marked when he had the ball.

The most worrying thing in the second half e didn't create a lot of chances and that applied to extra time apart from perhaps right at the death.

Poor performance and result which i suspect Gary didn't expect. We really now need to go on a long unbeaten run to keep the play offs alive.

Need new players in as well if possible.

Regarding the youth team players for me the gap is too big between their league and ours and we need to address this as well.

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23 Re: Evesham - WSC on Thu Feb 06 2014, 09:36

Thought we'd got the job done at half time, didn't we? Didn't start the second half properly, and Evesham came out all guns blazing (which ALWAYS seems to catch us by surprise - why?). After two or three minutes somebody should have been yelling and screaming at the team to wake up and get stuck in. Sorry, but that's a big failure on and off the pitch - what were the half time instructions? If the players were following orders then the orders were wrong because Evesham showed enough in the first half to show that the game was not won. It was just sloppy.

We don't have a player in the team who can do that - Sam Smith was the last player who had that in him. Maybe Jamie does but I don't think he carries the authority in the team, and he hasn't been playing lately anyway. All of our "big" players - Sean, Leon, Ben, Nathan - are "quiet" players. You can't always win a game by having players who will go around dishing out bollockings on the pitch but you can sure as hell lose games by not having that kind of player. That leadership is badly lacking when things go wrong.

Credit to Evesham - I thought they were superb for the last 75 minutes. The pace of the 7 and 9 was too much for us which is really worrying as the back 4 was pretty much first choice given availability at the moment. Again though, what protection did they have? I'm not talking about the one-on-ones in the last 10 minutes or so - you expect that when you're chasing an equaliser and Deano did brilliantly on at least three occasions (I actually thought he had one of his better games for a while - of the matches I've seen). But before that we were too exposed too often.

Agree about Sansara - echoes of Aaron Griffiths in him since he joined us. I thought Francis did ok but was asked a lot to help at the back and join in the attacks as well.

Also thought it was asking a lot of Sam Tye to play central midfield on his debut in "grown up" football. The game passed him by a lot of the time - and even though we were still 2-1 up when he came off the tide had turned and Evesham had got a grip by then. With that eleven, Fitz should have been in the middle and Sam out wide, although Fitz did have a decent game on the wing, I thought.

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24 Re: Evesham - WSC on Thu Feb 06 2014, 10:47

Why on earth are the same points made by fans on this forum but nothing changes when you know the management takes an interest in the forum.

The orders at half time what we they. As pointed out we were slow but surely the management can change things around by giving instructions to the players or are they too busy watching the officials to take notice. Never miss a chance to have a go at the officials.

We have lacked a leader on the pitch for some time who inspires others by his performance when we need one or by encouraging other players by having a go at them.

I just think on Tuesday the players thought if we turn up second half we would win.

Agree with the point about Tye but surely the lad has to play in his normal position to show us what he can do.

Once again I think the gap is to big for a youth team player to make our grade unless he is exceptional and then I think he would move on quickly.

For me it shows two things:-
One need a team between the youth and first team to bridge that gap and secondly shows that our squad is short in numbers and quality.

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25 Re: Evesham - WSC on Thu Feb 06 2014, 12:09

I know the fans have talked about why we dont have a reserve side? I am sure even Evesham have one? Was very frustrated after Tuesday's result! Even mild mannered me had a mini tantrum when got home lol

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