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Weymouth - Saturday

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26 Re: Weymouth - Saturday on Sat Nov 30 2013, 20:02

TRM wrote:I know Luke and Leon got booked - I thought both were fair enough. Who was the third?
Oliver, at the wrong end of the pitch so couldn't see clearly, but like the others didn't think it was pArticularly deserved.

Can only echo the comments of others; great game, great goals. Let's hope we can keep it up for the next week. Also good to see Knight back and both he and Washbourne getting on the scoresheet

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27 Re: Weymouth - Saturday on Sun Dec 01 2013, 16:04

Man of the Match went to Luke with 16 votes, Leon received 5, Kyle 3 , Jamie, Sean , Ryan & Dan 1 each.

The wine was won by Hugh Clark.

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28 Re: Weymouth - Saturday on Sun Dec 01 2013, 21:38


oldhillglassboy wrote:As play your cards right was mentioned over the tannoy, I can say that was a "good game good game"!.
Yes, and it was "nice to see you, to see you NICE!" Wink 

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