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Changes to Matchday Procedures at Amblecote

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I meant to post this last night but forgot...

I think the only change of any significance is that "ordinary" spectators will no longer be able to use the "main" entrance.

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I just hope someone is still manning the turnstiles on Tuesdays when I stroll in at about ten past 8!

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Since its a trophy game today all through the Church End gates.

I can't see why these gates are being used unless its a big game. We have always coped going through the other gate.

Even though the slope has now being covered in tarmac just hope the club make sure it is safe in the winter as we don't want any fans falling over and hurting themselves.

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It's more hazardous negotiating the pot holes and traffic in the other entrance to be fair. Not to be H&S mad but in the workplace you wouldn't get away with a pedestrian access doubling as a vehicular access too.

Besides, it feels more like a proper football ground entering through the church end turnstiles I think.

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I hope i don't get killed in the crush at the ground today.

Oop's,my mistakeā€¦.FA Trophy not FA Cup.

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And I can't make it now, glory hunter ay I !

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