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Bideford Away

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1 Bideford Away on Sat Nov 09 2013, 20:22

I know this game is couple of weeks away (23rd Nov) but I need a favour if possible.

Due to family commitments I cannot attend and neither can 'Deputy' Dave.

If anyone can run the MotM for me it would be much appreciated.
I can supply the tickets and a list of regulars who normally take part at away games.


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2 Re: Bideford Away on Wed Nov 20 2013, 15:09

Steve Sidaway has volunteered to run the MotM.
I have given Steve a list of regulars, but please make yourself known to him if possible.
If you are not sure who Steve is (he puts the kit out at away games), Nigel or Ian will point him out to you.

Have a safe journey there and back and hopefully enjoy a good Stour performance and 3 points.
There's a good little chippy about 10 mins walk from the ground if you're hungry after the game before the trek home.

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3 Re: Bideford Away on Wed Nov 20 2013, 20:39

Disappointed I can't get there, especially as it's still on my "to do" list!

Need to be at our best, particularly defensively. They have scored nearly three goals a game and concede a fraction over 1 a game on average. Very similar stats to us, in fact, the only difference being that they've drawn five and lost none, whereas we've drawn none and lost five. We've got to find the ability to turn all those defeats into draws (all except Bedford have been by single-goal margins, and all including Bedford could have been salvaged).

I know at our best we can win this one, but we don't need to be far behind our best to be struggling against the better teams. Let's hope we are at our best, then!


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4 Re: Bideford Away on Thu Nov 21 2013, 11:04

Always seem to miss Bideford. Every season when we play there i have other arrangements.

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5 Re: Bideford Away on Thu Nov 21 2013, 11:24

NickSFCB wrote:Always seem to miss Bideford. Every season when we play there i have other arrangements.
Same here, Nick.

Although "every season" only amounts to twice so far, this Saturday included! Right now, I'm afraid I'd wager that we'll both be in this Division next season (unless we are shifted sideways), so I'm not panicking about missing out on the ground.

Of course, that is said at least partly in the hope that my useless record at predicting anything continues!

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6 Re: Bideford Away on Sat Nov 23 2013, 17:05

Bideford 0-1 Stourbridge.

Great result,i fancied us for a win today as i said to Nathan earlier when i was texting him at the game.

Nath says it was a poor game and an OG winner but i hear that Benbow might have scored it.

Hopefully the forum will spring to life after two "post less " days.

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7 Re: Bideford Away on Sat Nov 23 2013, 17:15


Hemel drew 1-1

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8 Re: Bideford Away on Sat Nov 23 2013, 17:19

Well done to the players and fans who travelled,guess be a happy coach on way back,look forward to being there Tuesday now.

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9 Re: Bideford Away on Sat Nov 23 2013, 17:30


A win is win regardless of who scored the goal, and hopefully we can build on this at Biggleswade Tuesday night. After all one of our leading goal scorers over the last couple of seasons has been OG (or so Andy Hill kept telling me!).

I think today's win looks even better considering Bideford were unbeaten until today. I am definitely looking forward to going to Tuesdays game cheers 

10 Re: Bideford Away on Sat Nov 23 2013, 17:59

Excellent win, chuffed that we've kept a clean sheet against a team with a good goal-scoring record, as it's something I've been banging on about. Nothing else matters - the rest is just detail!

Incidentally, Bideford's defeat means that the only team in the country still undefeated in their League at level 8 (we are level 7) and above is Curzon Ashton. I believe they will be 6-0-6's team of the week and somebody from Curzon will be on the programme tonight. We may just get a mention if anybody's listening, having helped them today and also having played them in the Cup.

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11 Re: Bideford Away on Sat Nov 23 2013, 20:13

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12 Re: Bideford Away on Thu Nov 28 2013, 15:00

Thanks to Steve for doing the MotM.

Award was shared between Dean & Sean with 3 votes each. Nathan, Will , Ryan & Leon all received 1 vote.

The wine was won by Gordon Thomas

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