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Cambridge City away.

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51 Re: Cambridge City away. on Thu Nov 14 2013, 20:51

Devil's Advocate wrote:
Dave the Glassboy wrote:Just a quick thank you to Brian for the updates last night.

I suppose a "bad day at the office" was inevitable after the good run. Hopefully it was a one-off as we'll need to be on top form on Saturday.
Add to that the fact that your beloved M6 was a nightmare to get back on as well Dave.

Can't you have a word with someone? :-)
It was my night off last night!

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52 Re: Cambridge City away. on Fri Nov 15 2013, 09:40

Devil's Advocate wrote:Personally i thought we should've pushed Will Richards up front much earlier because they were a physical side and if anything we lacked that tonight,this seems to be our slight achilies heel in midfield and up front,"hoofing" sides like Cambridge now are do seem to cause us problems.
Meant to say two things on this earlier, but forgot.

1. With ten minutes to go we looked the more likely side to win the game, so was there any need to change things?

2. We (ie. Gary) may well have been happy with a draw before kick off under all the circumstances, certainly at half time I would have taken a point, so was it a case of hanging on to what we had, at least while it was 1-1 rather than pushing for the win and leaving ourselves vulnerable?

Not saying I agree with that but it's probably the way Gary was seeing things on Wednesday night.

But at 2-1 down I would definitely have pushed Will up front straight away. Nothing to lose at that point.

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53 Re: Cambridge City away. on Fri Nov 15 2013, 10:12

Match thread from Cambridge's forum, including footage of the winning goal...

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