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Bedford next up.

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26 Re: Bedford next up. on Sun Sep 01 2013, 18:05

Has to be said Bedford never looked like scoring all afternoon but won 2-0!

Although to give them their due they defended like their lives depended upon it, especially in the second half.

Ah well, onwards and upwards.

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27 Re: Bedford next up. on Sun Sep 01 2013, 19:55

A disappointing and frustrating afternoon. As DA has said , up until their first goal we were well on top and playing some good football without creating a clear cut chance. When they scored I was not too worried as I thought we would score enough to win. But for whatever reason we lacked a bit of spark & guile and needed a bit more pace. Credit to Bedford for defending well , but it was a game we could and should have at least got a point from, but , let’s put it behind us and do the business on Tues.
MotM votes were as follows:

Will Richards 12
Aaron Drake 5
Leon Broadhurst 4
Sean Geddes, Jordon Fitzpatrick, Roland Agbor, Jamie Oliver all 1 vote

The wine was won by Mick Dewar.

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28 Re: Bedford next up. on Mon Sep 02 2013, 08:56

Very disappointing after last Monday. Lots of huffing and puffing but the end product was never there. If it turns out at the end of the season to have been "just one of those days" then that's fine. You can't play well or win all the time, and you've got to give credit to Bedford for defending what they had, but...

The one big lesson that we need to learn from this is that we cannot afford to concede the first goal, particularly against the more lowly clubs in this League (and that's no insult to Bedford). If we can't score then make damn sure they don't either because Bedford showed on Saturday that once they were ahead (and all the more so at 2-0) that all they had to do was keep their shape defensively, make sure they had bodies behind the ball and put pressure on the man in possession and we found it very hard to get through them.

Individually I don't think many players had bad games really. The one player who is struggling for form is Ben. I don't think wide left suits him and I'm not convinced he's fully fit either. I would be inclined to give him a rest, bring Lloydy in at right back and push Wurzel further forward where he can take on players and hopefully produce a good delivery into the box, something we are not getting often enough from Ben at the moment.

I also don't think Luke and Ryan are working as a combination. I know they scored five between them at Redditch but I don't recall any of those being from their "combination" play at all - they were all provided by others. Maybe it still needs more time but maybe we need to look at something different sooner or later. I know others will shout me down but with either of those two up front and the right players on the flanks I still see merit in 4-5-1. *stans back and waits for backlash*

It didn't help that what chances we did create we wasted (again, just one of those days?) but at least we would have come away with a point if we'd not given them two goals. Couldn't argue with the penalty from where I was standing but Dean should have held the shot for the second - he hasn't made many mistakes since he joined us so I'm not going to be too harsh on him for this one. It happens.

Agree with everything that has been said about Will. He looks really calm and assured at the back and seems to have the footballing intelligence needed to read the game. Hopefully he and Nathan can provide us with a solid base. Not convinced by Eze or Briscoe based on what I saw on Saturday, albeit very brief in Briscoe's case and Eze isn't 100% fit.

Tuesday night will be a tough one - even at this stage we can't afford to be losing ground. Chippenham have had a mixed start, but then so have we! Any kind of win will do for me.

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