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Things that puzzle me

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1Things that puzzle me Empty Things that puzzle me on Thu Aug 22 2013, 17:31

I enjoy football, understand the rules, have a basic grasp of tactics but there are couple of things that have always puzzled me.

The pre match 'love in'.
Why do some teams think it necessary to have a group cuddle before the game starts? I don't think I have ever seen a Stour side do it.
What do they say to each other that cannot have already been said in the changing room?
Do they select a captain or penalty taker doing eeny, meeny, miny , mo ? Or is it to show their fans they have a good team spirit or are they trying to intimidate the opposition. Whatever the reason it just looks silly to me.

Staying sat on the pitch after the game has ended.
Why? Surely the most important thing is to cool down , in or out of the changing room. Sat on a cold , probably wet pitch at 9.30 in the evening cannot be good for you.
I assume it’s the manager’s decision, does he want to slag them off in front of their own fans if they have lost badly (or in the case of phil brown had a bad first half)?
ST Neotts did it tuesday, but most people agreed they had played well, so why keep them out. I would have thought the privacy of the dressing room a far better place for whatever has to be said. Is it just the manager proving that he is in charge? or perhaps he has a bad memory and thinks he night forget his points if he does not speak immediately. Locked in a changing room to have a lambasting after a bad performance I understand, hanging about on the pitch getting cold I don't.

I know either is not important, it’s just me having nothing else to moan about!

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2Things that puzzle me Empty Re: Things that puzzle me on Thu Aug 22 2013, 19:33

You raise good points Brian my bug bears is why do teams have a 45 minute warm up? Is it copying the premier league? But they dont have day jobs! I look at our players when going into dressing room after warm up,they look knackered! Last point which i have seen only Hemel do i think is when come out at start of match is run around a few cones! My guess this is come out of some coaching course their coach has been on!

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3Things that puzzle me Empty Re: Things that puzzle me on Fri Aug 23 2013, 10:41

Brian you are spot on....
Another thing I hate is when they have a minutes silence for whatever reason and they insist on wrapping their arms around the next person to them shoulder.
In my too many years of playing Sunday football when we had our remembrance Sunday minutes silence I always stood on my own on the halfway line much to the annoyance of my manager.
I also played for one team where that manager insisted on these love cuddles before a game...I refused and got booted out the team.
I just think I'm old fashioned and I prefer it that way.

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